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Does creatine make you stronger? How the supplement may boost athleticism

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Covid-19 booster shot: Schedule, side-effects, concerns, and usefulness

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Reggie Watts on his love of weed, Night Ranger, and 'The Breakfast Club'

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Why the future of periods could be none at all

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Weed & sex: Researchers find 2 positive effects on mental health

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LSD-like drug may treat depression without the "trip" effect — mouse study

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Immunosuppressant Provides Effective Male Birth Control (for Mice)

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Scientists uncover the molecular origins of an LSD trip

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2020 election: What a marijuana shift in America means for future science

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3D-printed “organs” could lead to better drugs

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Archeologists discover the earliest known use of tobacco in Utah

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Scientists discover CBD — and not THC — may prevent Covid-19 infection in cells

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Delta-8-THC: Scientists explain the cannabis industry's "latest hype"

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Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: 2 reasons it's good news for other vaccines

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