6 Exciting EVs That Will Debut at Monterey Car Week

Among them, Acura and Lamborghini will show off their first EVs.

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Monterey Car Week is upon us, but it’s not just the classic cars and powerful motors we’re looking forward to. The annual event has been incorporating major electric vehicle reveals in the last few years, often giving us the first public look at an upcoming EV.

This year is no different, with exciting entries from Japanese automakers like Acura and Lexus, but also wild concepts from Lamborghini. Here are the most exciting EVs slated to make their North American debut later this week.


The ZDX will be Acura’s first all-electric model.


The ZDX may be Acura’s first fully-electric offering, but the Japanese automaker is already claiming it will be its “most powerful and quickest accelerating SUV” in its history. Acura is also making the ZDX its first EV with the Type S trim, meaning a performance-oriented SUV is on the way.

Honda and Acura have been slow to adopt EVs, but the ZDX is a promising start that should help create some early momentum. It’s also being built on GM’s Ultium platform that powers other promising EVs. The Acura ZDX will get a full reveal on August 17.

Automobili Pininfarina B95

The mysterious B95 will also make its debut on August 17.

Automobili Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina is planning to have three models on display at Monterey Car Week, but we’ve already seen its Pura Vision concept and its Battista Edizione Nino Farina all-electric hypercar. The automaker is hoping to make waves with its B95 which Automobili Pininfarina says will have a lot of influence from its Pura Vision conceptual EV. There aren’t many details out there about the B95, so we’ll just have to wait until Automobili Pininfarina debuts it on August 17.


The RZ Sport Concept features an interior and exterior redesign of Lexus’ existing RZ 450e.


Lexus already debuted its RZ Sport Concept at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, but its conceptual all-electric SUV will be making its North American debut at the Monterey Car Week. The RZ Sport Concept will be based on Lexus’ first battery-powered EV, the RZ 450e, but amped up with two 150 kW motors.

Lexus lowered the RZ Sport Concept by 35 millimeters, or just over an inch while adding custom parts for better aerodynamics, larger diameter tires, and full bucket seats in the front and back rows. The RZ Sport Concept will be on display on August 18.


There will only be 1,000 units made of Kia’s limited-edition EV6.


Kia made some waves showing off its EV6 GT at last year’s Monterey Car Week and it’s hoping to do the same with a limited-edition model this year. Kia has kept fairly tight-lipped about this EV6 model, only showing off its metallic green paint job and saying that it will have unique interior and exterior colorways.

What’s more, Kia is only making 1,000 units of this limited-edition EV6. The new EV will be making its debut next to Kia’s three-row SUV, the EV9, on August 18.


This will be the first time we see what Lamborghini is up to with its all-electric offering.


Lamborghini says it’ll have a prototype of its all-electric model on display at Monterey Car Week. We don’t even know the name of Lambo’s first all-electric offering, but it’s coming right after its Revuelto hybrid supercar went into production.

We only have the teaser of a swooping roof to go off of, but Lamborghini’s first fully-electric car will likely draw in the crowds. It’ll make its debut on August 18.


The actual name of the pink color for Rolls-Royce’s Spectre is morganite, named after the gemstone.


The ultra-luxury sedan from Rolls Royce has already made the rounds, but the automaker is showing off a particularly pink model for Monterey Car Week. Like the versions we’ve seen in pictures, the pink Spectre will have suicide doors and illuminated interiors. The Spectre, Rolls Royce’s first all-electric model, will also make its debut on August 18.

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