Succession is the comic book we always wanted, it just happens to be a prestige HBO show.

TV Review

Succession Season 3: It's the Game of Thrones replacement you didn't know you needed

Succession is Game of Thrones now.


'Deadpool 3' Could be More “Disgusting” Than Ever Thanks to Matthew MacFayden

ByEric Francisco

The Emmy-winning star of Succession is leaping to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


'Succession' Easter Egg Reveals Tom’s True Intentions in Season 4

ByDais Johnston

Marriage is complicated.


'Succession' Season 4 Savagely Kicks Off The Roy Family’s Final Act

ByErin Brady

Succession is setting itself up for an explosive conclusion.


'Succession' is Ending — But There's Still Hope For More

ByDais Johnston

The hit series is ending after Season 4, but Jesse Armstrong may not be done yet.

break a few greggs

Succession Season 4 trailer reveals release date and a Roy civil war

ByDais Johnston

It’s heartening. We are heartened by it.


25 years ago, David Fincher made his most absurd conspiracy thriller ever

ByJon O'Brien

Fincher went on to say he regretted making this movie, but The Game has plenty of redeeming qualities

Scene Stealers 2021

'Succession' seized Season 3 with an unsettling Adrien Brody guest role

ByJack King

A celebrity guest role like no other, Adrien Brody plays his own game of chess in HBO's delectable drama 'Succession.'

Number One Boy

Is Jeremy Strong coming back to Succession? Kendall's Season 4 return, explained

ByDais Johnston

Will we not see this Roy return?

Not familiar with that IP

'Succession’s' Season 3 finale revealed Season 4's true villain

ByDais Johnston

The HBO series finally reveals the shocking end to its third season. It wasn't deadly but, in a way, it was worse.

Inverse Codex

Everything we know about 'Succession' Season 4

ByGabrielle Bondi

When will the HBO series return?

Roys, Assemble

Look: 9 images of Succession characters as iconic heroes and villains

ByGabrielle Bondi

Inverse reimagines the Succession cast as classic sci-fi and fantasy characters.

Streaming 101

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 release date, time, plot, and trailer for the HBO drama’s finale

ByGabrielle Bondi

Everything you need to know about Succession’s Season 3 finale.

dead or alive

Is Kendall Roy dead on Succession? Why you don't need to worry, yet

ByDais Johnston

Episode 8 of Season 3 was full of shocking revelations, but did it save the biggest for last?

Wrong Number

Did Succession just break up the show's most dynamic duo?

ByDais Johnston

Who’s really the number one boy?

Streaming 101

Succession Season 3 Episode 8 release date, time, plot, trailer, and HBO schedule

ByGabrielle Bondi

You won’t want to miss the penultimate episode of Succession's third season.

Poor Little Rich Boy

Succession Episode 7 reveals why Kendall is the Tony Stark of HBO

ByDais Johnston

Kendall is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. So why isn't he happy?