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Is Jeremy Strong coming back to Succession? Kendall's Season 4 return, explained

Will we not see this Roy return?

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From the beginning, Succession has centered around Kendall. He began as the heir apparent, then morphed into a lapdog, and then became a rebel do-gooder, all in the space of three seasons. But while the season finale of Succession forced Kendall Roy to evolve again, Season 3 introduced a version we never thought we’d see — Kendall the supporting player.

Is this the end of Kendall’s story? Here’s everything you need to know about Succession’s number one boy.

Is Kendall coming back to Succession Season 4?

Will we see Kendall again after his post-wedding breakdown?


As far as we know, Kendall is still siding with his siblings in their standoff against Logan selling Waystar-Royco to GoJo. However, with the family’s interest in the company looking dubious, it might be the perfect offramp for Kendall, allowing him to cash out and get out. He should be focusing on his mental health and his family, but this is Succession, where characters rarely take the responsible exit.

If he does return for another season, Kendall will definitely have to take a backseat and let his siblings plan their tactics. It’s unlikely we’ll see him make any initial power plays, but if there’s anything the Season 3 finale proved it’s that even the most unassuming characters are capable of huge moves.

Is Jeremy Strong returning for Succession Season 4?

Jeremy Strong (seen here with President of HBO Programming Casey Bloys and Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong) may have won an Emmy for Kendall, but will he return?

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The more pressing question isn’t if Kendall Roy is returning to Succession, but if Jeremy Strong is. He won an Emmy for his portrayal of Kendall, but his massive profile in The New Yorker painted a picture of an actor leaving his most famous role to move on to greater things.

There’s no doubt he’s the perfect man for the job — his assessment of Succession as not at all a comedy is the most Kendall attitude to have — but he may choose to pursue other roles. Of all the actors in Succession, he’s had the most successful cinematic career recently thanks to roles in Aaron Sorkin’s Trial of the Chicago 7 and Adam McKay’s The Big Short. Succession is what made him a household name, but there’s no telling how long his role will last.

What will happen to Kendall in Succession Season 4?

Where does Kendall go from here? The answer: nowhere but up.


We thought we’d seen all sides of Kendall Roy, but Season 3 showed yet another — one of authenticity. After putting up a front of business savvy, coolness, and self-righteous social activist, he breaks down in front of his siblings and admits to all his past wrongdoings, the mistakes that led him to a possible suicide attempt in a pool.

So the question remains: where does Kendall go from here? We’ve seen Kendall rebuild his defenses over and over. If he appears in Season 4, the only thing we haven’t seen is Kendall abandoning his public image and constant business competition to discover who he really is underneath all the façades.

While Jeremy Strong’s future with Succession isn’t confirmed yet, there’s really only one path forward for Kendall Roy. At least it’s a good one.

Succession is now streaming on HBO Max.

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