How did Loki end? What's in store for Season 2? What happened to Judge Renslayer? Get all the answers at Inverse.

Dream a little dream

Will the Corinthian return in Sandman Season 2? Comics reveal the answer

We haven’t seen the last of Sandman’s teeth-for-eyes serial killer.

Multiverse of Meh

Ms. Marvel’s mutant twist doubles down on a strange Phase 4 problem

Phase 4’s biggest moments have all happened on the small screen. Why?


Ant-Man 3 leak reveals a surprising twist for Marvel’s biggest villain

Kang’s evil plan may be coming into view.

Multiverse of Meaninglessness

One year ago, Loki shattered the MCU — but did it matter at all?

The destruction of the TVA unleashed consequences that Marvel still hasn’t followed through on.

Aim for the Bushes?

Loki Season 2 leaks finally make good on Season 1’s broken promise

Loki and Mobius: time cops.

Mischief Managed

Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene could revive a dead fan-favorite

Marvel may already be laying the groundwork for one powerful reunion.

Glorious Purpose

EXCLUSIVE: Composer Natalie Holt will return for Loki Season 2

The show’s distinctive sound is coming back in a big way.

Mischief Managed

Loki Season 2 release date may be sooner than you think, new report reveals

The next chapter in the God of Mischief’s story is, finally, being written.


'Loki' Season 2 spoiler confirms the return of a fan-favorite Marvel character

Production on 'Loki' Season 2 has begun, and one cast member confirmed that their beloved TVA employee will return.


Loki Season 2 could solve Marvel's biggest Phase 4 dilemma, writer reveals

Loki head writer teases that the events of Multiverse of Madness may be observed through a TVA monitor.

Varying Authority

Loki Season 2 departure casts doubt on the MCU show’s future

Where does Loki’s soul lie?

Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange 2 leak reveals a disappointing update for Marvel’s most important show

Multiverse of Madness may not be as connected to Loki as some Marvel fans think.

Mischief Managed

Loki Season 2 could set up one Avengers 5 plot, Tom Hiddleston hints

Just a “temporary torchbearer,” eh?

Mischief Managed

Loki Season 2 could arrive sooner than you think, report reveals


Multiverse of Madness

'Doctor Strange 2' trailer Easter egg may confirm a major 'Loki' connection

Will Wanda cross paths with the TVA in this year’s Doctor Strange sequel?

Inverse Codex

Loki Season 1 release date, cast, plot, and trailer for the Disney+ show

Next stop, multiverse. Here’s everything to know about the first season of the Trickster God’s Disney+ show.