Loki Producer Reveals a Game-Changing Kang Clue Hiding in Plain Sight

There’s no fate but what we make, preferably without Kang.

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“The Kang Question” is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest mystery. Kang was hyped up as a villain big enough to fill the void Thanos left, but what we’ve seen of him so far has been underwhelming. He had a soft launch as a variant, He Who Remains, in Loki Season 1, but his official debut in the messy and bloated Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was met with mixed reactions. Add in the domestic abuse charges actor Jonathan Majors is facing, and fans are starting to suspect the MCU will move away from Kang.

Now, a quote from Loki executive producer Kevin Wright has added fuel to that theory by suggesting the Season 2 finale secretly explained Kang’s fate.

Kang may not be the huge threat he was teased to be.

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In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Wright spoke about how the Season 2 finale dealt with Kang. “We think everything is there on screen. I think all the details are there, and there is a lot that people haven’t picked up on, or haven’t fully understood what is being said,” he said.

But precisely what details are right there in the episode? After the new timeline is established, B-15 and Mobius discuss how unlikely it is that He Who Remains’ variants will pose a serious issue, which fans took as a sign that Kang is being downplayed. But Wright points to a different scene to explain the MCU’s future.

“The key to the future is in that conversation with Sylvie, and this doesn’t necessarily undo any of those threats,” he said. “In my mind, it’s what Sylvie said: ‘At least give us a chance. Let us fight that battle for ourselves and define our own destiny.’”

Sylvie’s plea to let humanity figure itself out may be a way to write out Kang, at least for a bit.

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Sylvie’s comments sound like an anti-multiverse mission statement. Perhaps that’s a hint that Kang will be laying low while Sylvie, Loki, and the rest of the TVA are given a chance to sort out their own destiny. That would allow Marvel to give the character a break, and possibly re-introduce him down the line after recasting him. This would both confirm reports that Marvel executives are trying to work around Majors’ controversies and Kang’s lukewarm reception, and give the infamous villain a chance to be re-introduced with a clean slate down the line.

Wright’s comments are admittedly vague, but it’s telling that he mentioned the scene at all, which looks like the latest sign that a massive change is coming to the MCU. Loki may have helped steady Marvel’s status quo, but it could also have secretly rewritten the fate of a massive franchise. Given all the issues Kang has had, that’s likely going to be a change for the better.

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