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Gut Week

Inverse celebrates your wondrous gut! Learn everything there is to know about the microbiome, including how to take care of your own and how your gut affects your brain, your weight, and your health in general.

Gut Week runs November 22-28, 2021.

Gut Week

Gut health could prevent one of the most worrying Covid-19 side effects

“Maintaining a healthy microbiome through healthy diet would definitely benefit in fighting against Covid-19.”

The Inverse Interview

Can you have a “Super Gut”? A controversial doctor thinks he has the answer

A controversial doctor thinks he has the answer.

Gut Week

Why the gut may be humans’ “first brain”

This is not science fiction.

Gut Week

This one nutritional strategy can benefit gut health — and fight inflammation

A study published in July found fermented foods may be particularly useful in boosting gut microbial diversity and fighting inflammation.

Gut Week

Scientists have discovered a link between one problematic emotion and gut health

Your microbiome’s diversity may depend on your mood.

Gut week

Can vaccines help protect the gut? Fungus study hints at future treatments

Fungi are important members of the microbiome — but they can also hurt human health.

Mind and Body

Western diets may have a pernicious side-effect on the gut microbiome — study

Put down the French fries, perhaps.

Gut Week

Recipes to boost gut health: 2 delicious, science-backed dishes

Dr. Linda Shiue shares two recipes from Spicebox Kitchen.

Gut Week

Gut study uncovers a surprising role for immune cells in nutrient absorption

In a study was published earlier this year in the journal Science, scientists uncovered a direct role for immune cells in controlling nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

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Gut study reveals a “mind-blowing" strategy to reverse aging in the brain

“By restoring the microbiome, we’re targeting it through this transplantation, we’re able to reverse age-related cognitive deficits.”

Gut Week

The “disappearing” human microbiome — and the fraught push to preserve it

Competing ideas on how to collect and study our microbiota raise a vital question: Who benefits?

Mind and Body

Gut study reveals one behavior may matter more than genes for long-term health

You have the power.


Scientists link 2 gut microbes to hormone-fueled cancer

Treatment-resistant cancer may be driven — at least in part — by the makeup of the gut microbiome.

Gut Week

What is the gut?

Come along on a week-long tour.

Inverse Interview

What foods boost gut health? A doctor reveals the biggest mistake you can make

In this exclusive interview with Dr Linda Shiue, cookbook author and physician, Shiue reveals the biggest mistake you're probably making when it comes to eating for the gut.

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Can spicy food boost our gut health? Here's what the science says

Foods that help the microbiome flourish could provide a host of health benefits.

Mind and Body

Scientists recommend 5 minutes of walking to combat your worst habit

Exercise snackies anyone?


Prescription poop could be the future of medicine

A recent FDA approval is likely only the start of a promising future for prescription poop.


Microbiome home test kits are the wild west of gut health

Direct-to-consumer gut microbiome tests are increasingly popular, but experts argue they may do more harm than good.

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This diet helps your mental health by boosting your gut health

Here’s why miso might put you in a great mood.

Mind and Body

Gut health in space: How zero gravity could wreak havoc on the microbiome

Safe travel through the far reaches of space depends on a vast community of in-house microorganisms.

Microbe swap

Does owning a pet boost your gut health?

The bond between pet and owner runs deeper than love, all the way to our (and their) microbiomes.

Open wide!

Look: This tiny robot could change medicine forever

It’s hard for us to absorb certain drugs into our bloodstream — but scientists have a solution.

Mighty Bugs

Your gut microbes can help fight cancer, new research reveals

Gut microbiome research is still relatively uncharted territory.


Peeing Red: What is beeturia and who gets it?

If you ate beets last night and are seeing red, don't panic.

Hold the sugar!

One common misunderstood ingredient could be damaging your gut bacteria — study

Artificial sweeteners are failing at their one and only task.

Catch them all

Fugitive gut bacteria can disrupt our immune systems. Here's how we can capture them

Your friendly, neighborhood antibodies are the key.

Gut check

Bacteria-eating virus cocktails may effectively treat gut inflammation — study

Two huge breakthroughs could change the game for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

gut check

Genetically engineered gut bacteria boost long-term metabolic health — mouse study

This technique could eventually help treat human metabolic conditions using our own genetically-engineered bacteria.

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Unripe bananas have a hereditary cancer prevention property — study

Finally: a reason to eat more starch!

A chemical switch

Why this pervasive immune chemical may be behind pain in IBS

For some people with IBS, blocking histamine may lead us to some potent pain relievers