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Where to find all 27 Memories in Stray

Memories provide more backstory for your companion B-12.

Annapurna Interactive

Despite being a linear experience, some of the Stray collectibles are cleverly hidden across its 12 levels. These collectibles, known as Memories, provide more backstory for your robot companion B-12 and are tied to the game’s trophies and achievements. In total, there are 27 Memories scattered throughout the game’s chapters, and while some of them are unmissable, most require in-depth knowledge of the levels. Thankfully, you can go back and replay any section of the game, meaning you won’t need to restart from scratch if you plan on finishing Stray’s optional objectives. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all 27 Memories in Stray.

The Flat: Chapter 3

Memory 1

The first Memory is on a wall featuring a beach painting, just after you take the bucket shortcut.Annapurna Interactive

The first two levels of the game don’t include any Memories. You won't encounter Memories until after you’ve acquired B-12 in The Flat level.

This Memory is found just after you meet B-12, following a section where you take a shortcut via a bucket on a line. The Memory is just ahead on the beach mural on the wall.

The Slums: Chapter 4

The Slums level is full of things to discover, including seven Memories.Annapurna Interactive

The Slums is the most densely populated area of the game, with lots of NPCs, collectibles, and sights to take in.

Be sure to visit our detailed guides for all Sheet Music locations, Energy Drinks, and where to find the Poncho during The Slums level, too.

Rooftops: Chapter 5

Memory 1

The first Memory is found on a neon sign towards the beginning of the level. Annapurna Interactive

After the first encounter against the Zurks during this stage, continue ahead, across the beam, and climb up to the top of the building ahead where you’ll see this Memory on a massive neon sign.

Memory 2

The next Memory is located within the tall building close to a fenced-in area, just over a barrier on a Neco Corp sign.Annapurna Interactive

Partway through the stage, you’ll make your way up a tall building while trying to avoid the Zurks. You’ll reach a floor that has a fenced-in area (where you’ll eventually need to lure the Zurks into) on your left.

With the fence on your left side, go forward and hop over the barrier, and you’ll come to a Neco Corp sign containing the next Memory.

Memory 3

This unmissable Memory unlocks after you insert the transceiver.Annapurna Interactive

This one can’t be missed. After connecting the Transceiver to the box, you’ll automatically discover the next Primary Memory during the cutscene that follows.

Dead End: Chapter 7

Memory 1

Just after Seamus lets you into the next area, make a left at the fork ahead and the Memory will be against a wall.Annapurna Interactive

After Seamus lets you through the gate, continue ahead and you’ll come to a fork where you can go left or right. To the left is the first Memory of this level on the far wall.

Memory 2

After climbing the pipes, keep heading forward through a gap in the fence and you’ll reach a robot against a wall. Here is where you’ll find the next Memory.Annapurna Interactive

Later on, you’ll come to a section featuring a cart that eventually crashes. Climb the pipes to reach the next section of the level, and at the top, you’ll come to a grassy area.

Follow this path ahead and you’ll see a fence with a lifted corner, just small enough for a cat to slip through. Keep going toward the robot against a wall in the corner where you’ll find the second Memory of this level.

Memory 3

The final Memory of this level is inside Doc’s house. Check the mannequin with the bucket on its head to find it.Annapurna Interactive

Once inside Doc’s apartment, look for the mannequin with the smiley face bucket on its head. This is where you’ll find the third Memory.

The Sewers: Chapter 8

Memory 1

This Memory is found just after a hallway full of Zurks, through a pipe, and on top of a railing.Annapurna Interactive

After Momo helps you open the large door, continue ahead until you reach a brightly lit area that leads to a narrow corridor. Go down the steps and follow the path, then take the first left, where you’ll see a bunch of Zurk eggs.

Run through them or take them out, and then jump up through the pipe on the left. This will lead to the next memory, which is sitting on top of a railing.

Memory 2

Take a left after the area with the red eyes and you’ll reach this hidden room.Annapurna Interactive

Make your way through the section with the red eyes all over the walls and you’ll eventually reach the exit, which requires you to jump down onto a pipe.

The path ahead is to the right, but if you take a little detour to the left, then drop down, and follow the path up to the pipe, you’ll reach the second Memory. It’s close to a creepy eye monster above a large hole.

Antvillage: Chapter 9

Memory 1

You’ll earn this Memory as soon as you arrive at the Antvillage. It cannot be missed.Annapurna Interactive

The first Memory is acquired during the cutscene as you approach the Antvillage. It can’t be missed.

Memory 2

This Memory is at the bottom of the Antvillage on a graffiti-filled wall. Annapurna Interactive

Once B-12 has the ability to talk again, head to the bottom floor of the Antvillage and wrap around to a section with a couch and graffiti on the wall. It’s right beside a ladder. Interact with the graffiti to unlock this Memory.

Midtown: Chapter 10

Midtown is packed with little areas to explore.Annapurna Interactive

Midtown is yet another busy area full of things to discover. There are seven Memories in total here. For details on all Memories in Midtown, visit our dedicated guide.

Midtown Memories guide

Jail: Chapter 11

Memory 1

As you make your escape from the prison, Clementine will open a series of gates. This Memory is found in the outside section of a fenced-in area — just to the right, on a dead robot.Annapurna Interactive

As you lead Clementine and B-12 out of the jail, you’ll come to a section that requires you to trap enemy Sentinels in cells. Once you’ve trapped the first Sentinel, Clementine will proceed, opening a series of gates.

Before you reach the next main area, you’ll come to a narrow fenced-in section, where you’ll find the Memory on a dead robot against a dumpster to the right.

Control Room: Chapter 12

Memory 1

Before entering the control room itself, you’ll earn the final Memory during an unmissable cutscene.Annapurna Interactive

After you complete the puzzle to unlock the control room itself, you’ll get a cutscene with the final Memory of the game. This one is unmissable.

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