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Where to find all 8 Stray Sheet Music collectibles in The Slums

An unforgettable meowlody.

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The Slums level in Stray is packed with interesting things to find. Littered throughout the stage are Sheet Music collectibles, which can be turned in to a guitarist named Morusque. Doing so will allow the robot to play a unique song that ties to a specific piece of Sheet Music. There are eight of them in total, many of which are cleverly hidden throughout the area. Thankfully, you play as an agile, nimble cat who can get into even the smallest areas. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find all eight Sheet Music collectibles during The Slums stage in Stray.

First Sheet Music location

The first Sheet Music is inside Momo’s apartment on a shelf in a hidden room.

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The very first piece of Sheet Music is found inside Momo’s apartment. This is the large building close to the bucket-throwing robots with the big, yellow neon sign. Once inside the apartment, go left, past the tape player, and you’ll be able to enter a room, where the Sheet Music will be on a shelf.

Second Sheet Music location

This one is on a table just outside Clementine’s old apartment.

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Take the bucket shortcut down from Momo’s apartment, and make your way straight ahead to Clementine's old apartment (the blue building) with the lantern hanging by the window. Before you reach it, you’ll come to a balcony area with a round table, where the second Sheet Music collectible is located.

Third Sheet Music location

On the bottom floor of Elliot’s apartment on a painting is the next Sheet Music.

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Head inside Elliot’s apartment (close to Grandma’s) and scratch at the door to get Nestor to open it. The Sheet Music is hanging from the painting with the postcard on it, just ahead of the door you came through.

Fourth Sheet Music location

Buy the fourth Sheet Music from the Barterman using one Energy Drink.

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To collect the fourth Sheet Music, you’ll need to trade one Energy Drink with the Barterman who is located to the right of the Guardian (across from Morusque). There’s an Energy Drink in a vending machine right in front of Morusque for easy access.

Fifth Sheet Music location

This one is on the second floor of the Dufer Bar on a table.

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Inside the Dufer Bar, on the second floor is the fifth Sheet Music on a table. It’s beneath the shelf with the waving cat.

Sixth Sheet Music location

Inside Clementine’s old apartment on a shelf is the next Sheet Music.

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Inside Clementine’s old apartment (close to the second Sheet Music collectible) is the sixth Sheet Music collectible. Go through the aforementioned window with the lantern, and head back through one of the square gaps in the wall. Make an immediate right and you’ll see the Sheet Music on a shelf in front of a bed.

Seventh Sheet Music location

The circled location represents the library in Stray.

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The next Sheet Music collectible is found inside the library, which is to your left as you exit Clementine’s old apartment. Look for the blue sign with dots sitting on a balcony.

The seventh collectible is on a piano in the library.

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Head inside, and in the center of the library is a piano containing the Sheet Music. Fitting.

Eighth Sheet Music location

The safe containing the last Sheet Music is in the back left corner by Morusque.

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In the back left corner of Morusque’s area is a safe with a pink note on it. Show the note to B-12, and then take it to Elliot, who will tell you to find a clue in Dufer Bar.

Use the code written on the wall in the Dufer Bar to open the safe.

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Above the counter on the left is a picture of a palm tree on the wall, just above the Dufer Bar sign. Interact with the picture, and it’ll fall, revealing a series of numbers on the wall. This is the safe code.

Head back to the safe, input the numbers, and you’ll discover the final Sheet Music.

Then, head to Morusque to turn them all in and enjoy the tunes!

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