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Where to find all 4 Energy Drinks in Stray

Energy Drinks are the currency used at the Barterman’s shop.

Annapurna Interactive

One of Stray’s optional quests requires you to find four Energy Drinks during The Slums portion of the game. These Energy Drinks serve as a currency used to purchase items — including a music sheet and a picture frame — from the Barterman. You’ll need to buy both of those items if you plan on earning 100 percent completion (and all the trophies) in Stray. Since this level is so densely packed with shops and buildings, it can be tough to find all four Energy Drinks on your own. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find all of them in Annapurna Interactive’s latest adventure.

Where to find all four Energy Drinks in Stray

Use the four Energy Drinks to buy items from the Barterman.

Annapurna Interactive

In The Slums, there are four hidden vending machines containing Energy Drinks. While there are more than four vending machines around this area, only four of them contain the aforementioned Energy Drinks.

Below are the locations of all four vending machines you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you can collect them in any order.

First Energy Drink location

This blue vending machine is located next to Morusque.

Annapurna Interactive

The first Energy Drink is found in a blue vending machine directly across from Morusque the guitar player. It’s to the left of the Guardian’s little area, down a set of steps.

Second Energy Drink location

You’ll find this vending machine close to the starting area of The Slums, in an alley with a graffiti memory.

Annapurna Interactive

This Energy Drink is a little tricky to find, so start in Grandma’s shop to make it easier. From Grandma’s shop, head down the alley with the red bicycle and then turn left down the dark alley with a cool hue. Head down this alley and make the first right where you’ll come to a white vending machine next to a memory on the wall.

Third Energy Drink location

This red vending machine is on the roof across from Heptor.

Annapurna Interactive

This one is found on the rooftops across from Heptor. Turn completely around from him and you’ll see the red vending machine across a gap, next to a ladder and couch.

Fourth Energy Drink location

The last vending machine is on a small balcony, directly below the previous location.

Annapurna Interactive

The final Energy Drink is found in a vending machine just below the entry above. Walk to the ledge where you’ll be able to jump down to a plank below, which leads to a small balcony containing a yellow vending machine. Interact with it to obtain the final Energy Drink of this area.

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