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Everything you need to know about Sony's sci-fi cat game Stray

Explore an ancient city and uncover its secrets as a cat.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has a hefty slate of games on the horizon, but one that seems to be generating a tremendous amount of excitement is Stray.

This is a game in which you take on the role of a stray cat with the goal of reuniting with his family. While Stray was announced in the summer of 2020, the publisher didn’t reveal gameplay until the Annapurna Interactive Showcase in July 2021, giving us a lot to be excited about.

What do we know about Stray? When will it release? And how will it play? Here’s everything we know about Stray, Annapurna’s upcoming cat adventure game.

When is the Stray release date?

Developer BlueTwelve Studio is prioritizing its team’s safety, while ensuring Stray’s quality isn’t negatively impacted.

Annapurna Interactive

Stray will launch on July 19, 2022, for PS4, PS5, and PC. While the game normally will cost $29.99, it’ll also be available for free to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members, the new subscription tiers that are launching in June.

Is there a Stray trailer?

Yes, there is! The trailer above was first revealed during the July 2021 Annapurna Interactive Showcase and focuses on gameplay. In it, we get to see the game’s stunning art direction, as the main character explores the city and solves puzzles.

The trailer borders on spooky, showing off the dark, mysterious city while eerie music sets the tone. But as the trailer goes on, things brighten up a bit, especially as the cat meets new characters.

What are the Stray platforms?

Stray is a PlayStation console exclusive, launching for PS4, PS5, and PC.

What will the Stray gameplay be like?

In Stray, you’ll explore, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and use your skills to make your way throughout the city.

Annapurna Interactive

During the gameplay reveal, Stray’s main character can be seen platforming across rooftops while using items to solve puzzles. For instance, the cat uses a bucket to stop a deadly, spinning fan blocking his path.

We also get a glimpse of the cat pushing a paint bucket from a roof, using it to break through a window to gain access to the building. Based on the trailer, the city seems like it will be dense, with plenty of items to interact with to help you along your journey.

Aside from platforming and puzzle-solving, Stray will also feature action-packed segments, though don’t expect to have fast-paced combat. Instead, the cat will need to run away from enemies and use the environment to defeat them. In the trailer, the main character uses a cart to run over the deadly enemies in a swift motion.

However, the cat does eventually gain access to an item that causes the deadly creatures to explode, but until then, he must use his wits to outrun his foes.

What is the Stray story?

Stray’s main character has been lost and separated from his family. You must escape the ancient city to be reunited with them.

Annapurna Interactive

Part of Stray’s allure is its mysterious story, and BlueTwelve Studio likely aims to keep it that way so as to not ruin the surprise. But from what we do know, the cat has been separated from his family and winds up in a decaying city.

As the cat finds his way out, he befriends a drone named B12, and together, the two work to escape. But along the way, the cat and drone also uncover the city’s mysteries, which could hold the key to their survival.

There will be numerous drone characters to interact with throughout the city, and they seem to have different personalities, as shown in the trailer.

Can you customize the cat in Stray?

From what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look like there will be cat customization options. It’s possible there will be various items that can be equipped to slightly change appearance, but thus far, there doesn’t seem to be full-on customization.

However, considering the game isn’t due out until 2022 and there’s still more to show, it’s possible BlueTwelve is holding some new features back, one of which could be cat customization.

Because wouldn’t it be cool if you could recreate your own cat as the avatar in this game?

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