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Stray Poncho guide: How to repair Tracker, find Grandma, and Electrical Cable

A step-by-step guide for repairing the Tracker in Stray.

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During the sixth chapter of Stray titled “The Slums Part 2,” you’re tasked with repairing a Tracker, and to do so, you’ll need to give Elliot a Poncho to keep him warm. Elliot can’t work when he’s cold, so your job is to get Grandma to knit you a Poncho. However, the game doesn’t have waypoints or a map, making it a little tricky to find the items you need. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this quest, including details for getting the Super Spirit Detergent, Electrical Cable, and where to find the Barterman, Grandma, and Elliot in Stray.

How to repair the Tracker in Stray

To repair the Tracker in Stray, you need a couple of items, including the Super Spirit Detergent, Electrical Cable, and Poncho.

Give the Super Spirit Detergent to the Barterman, in exchange for the Electrical Cable, and then give that to Grandma to get the Poncho. Then take the Poncho to Elliot to keep him warm. Below is a detailed walkthrough for getting each item.

Where to find the Super Spirit Detergent in Stray

Meow while Vapora throws a bucket so it falls below, opening the laundromat.

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First, head to the rooftops where you’ll find Vapora throwing paint buckets at Mito. What you need to do is meow (by pressing Circle) as Vapora throws the bucket so it drops down to the streets below.

The Super Spirit Detergent is inside the laundromat.

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This will give you access to the laundromat, found right in front of where the bucket fell. Inside, you’ll find the Super Spirit Detergent on a table right in front of the window.

Where to find the Electrical Cable in Stray

Give the Super Spirit Detergent to the Barterman to get the Electrical Cable.

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Next, head to Azooz the Barterman, which is to the right of the Guardian’s area. Use the signs all around the city to guide you to the correct area. When you arrive, give the Barterman the Super Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electrical Cable.

Where to find Grandma and get the Poncho in Stray

Give the Electrical Cable to Grandma so she’ll knit a Poncho for Elliot.

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Take the Electrical Cable to Grandma, who’s located on the opposite end of the city in relation to the Barterman. Remember to use the signs to find your way. After you arrive, talk to Grandma, and give her the Electrical Cable so she’ll knit a Poncho for you.

Where to find Elliot in Stray

Take the Poncho to Elliot to repair the Tracker.

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Finally, turn around and head past the two blanket-covered robots on the ground, where you’ll see a door on the left. This is Elliot’s shop. Scratch at the door and Nestor the robot will let you in. Once inside, head upstairs, and give Elliot the Poncho so he’ll repair the Tracker, which will complete this quest.

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