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Where to find all 7 Stray Memories in The Slums chapter

One step closer to that sweet, sweet Platinum trophy.

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The Slums level in Stray is easily one of the best, featuring lots of witty characters and a slew of nooks and crannies to explore. This section features seven Memories, which are the game’s collectibles. Since this level has so many buildings and alleyways to explore, you might be stuck while looking for all the Memories it has to offer. Thankfully, we’ve found all of them for you, and in this guide, we’ll show you where to find all seven Memories during The Slums level in Stray. Keep in mind, that there are two Slums levels, and for the sake of simplicity, we advise looking for the collectibles during The Slums Part 2.

First Memory

Check to the left and up above from Morusque to find the first Memory.

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You can grab Memories in any order, but the first one we like to collect is found in front of a mural to the left of Morusque the guitar player. Use the trash cans, awning, and AC units to the left of Morusque to climb to the top, and you’ll come to a mural on the wall. Interact with it to collect the Memory.

Second Memory

Buy this Memory from the Barterman for three Energy Drinks.

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Next, we recommend finding all of the Energy Drinks in this area. These are a form of currency that can be exchanged with the Barterman, who is found on the opposite side of Morusque. Head back up the steps from Morusque, and pass the Guardian on the left, and you’ll reach the Barterman. Trade three Energy Drinks for the picture frame to the left of the Electrical Cable to unlock this Memory.

Third Memory

Climb to the rooftops to find the next Memory.

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From the Barterman, start making your way back to the central part of the city, but just before you take a set of steps down into the Slums, use the red vending machine on your left to reach the rooftops. Keep moving up and on the second slanted roof above, you’ll find a robot leaning against a sign, where the next Memory is.

Fourth Memory

This Memory is found on the second floor of the Dufer Bar.

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After that, head into the Dufer Bar, and climb the steps to reach the second floor. The Memory will be on top of a round table to your left, across from the pool table.

Fifth Memory

On the second floor of Elliot’s apartment is this Memory.

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Scratch on the door leading to Elliot’s apartment (found close to Grandma) and Nestor will let you in. Then, make your way upstairs and the Memory will be on your left, within a potted plant.

Sixth Memory

You’ll find this Memory in an alleyway by a vending machine.

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After that, make your way to Grandma’s. Head down the alley with the red bicycle, then make a left. Continue down this alley and make a right, and you’ll see the Memory on your left, just next to a vending machine. The Memory is tied to the graffiti on the wall that reads “R.I.P. Humans.”

Seventh Memory

Grab this Memory from inside Momo’s apartment.

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The Slums Part 2 starts inside Momo’s apartment, which contains a Memory. It’s the Back Home 2 poster across from the bed where Momo sleeps. If you missed this one, make your way to the rooftops where you’ll find a robot tossing paint buckets at another one across the way.

To the left of the robot receiving the paint buckets is Momo’s apartment, marked by a large, yellow neon sign. Follow the bucket shortcut if you’re having issues locating it. Make your way up to the balcony and through the window to get inside, and the Memory will be on the right side, towards the back.

Stray is available on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam.

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