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Where to find all 7 Stray Memories in the Midtown chapter

Help B-12 remember who they are!

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The collectibles in Stray are known as Memories, which are tied to your B-12 robot companion. These collectibles give you more backstory and are needed in order to unlock all the trophies and achievements in the game. One of the trickier chapters in Stray is Midtown, since it’s littered with nooks and crannies to explore (not unlike The Slums). Midtown features 7 different Memories to discover, and here, we’ll show you where to find all of them. So if you missed some on your first playthrough, or want to know where they are before you start this chapter, this guide is sure to help.

First Memory

The first Memory triggers automatically at the start of the chapter.

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As soon as the chapter starts, make your way up the steps and when you come to the subway train, the first Memory will automatically trigger. This one is not missable.

Second Memory

The second Memory is just after you crawl under the fence. It’s to the right.

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Cut through the train, head up the steps, under the small gap in the fence, and turn right where you’ll see a robot named Ledoc. To the left of them is the next Memory on the bookshelf.

Third Memory

This one is down an alley, above the entrance to the Nightclub, by some pillows.

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As soon as you enter the city, make your way forward and turn right into an alley, just past Paoudre the robot. This alley has a bright red neon sign of a bowl above. Follow this path until you come to a yellow vending machine next to a small set of steps and jump up to the blue awning above.

Continue climbing, making your way up to the orange AC unit, and up to a small area behind a neon sign with two arrows on it. The Memory is above a set of pillows next to a TV.

Fourth Memory

The fourth Memory is in a building close to the hologram.

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From the previous Memory, take the bucket shortcut down and make a right, towards the path with the red lights, which leads back to the main street. As soon as you reach the street, climb inside the open window of the shop on the left (it’s right below a string of red lanterns).

Head inside, up the ladder ahead, and up to a small, cat-sized space, where you’ll find the next Memory on the right.

Fifth Memory

This Memory is found in a restaurant above the ceiling.

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Make your way out of this building and head to the central portion of the city where you’ll see a blue hologram. Across the street from the hologram is a restaurant with some tables and chairs, and two robots named Krooni and Koondy.

Go inside and make your way to the back, where you’ll see a blue clock on the wall. Jump up to the narrow wall with the four pots, and then up through a hole in the ceiling, where you’ll find the fifth Memory.

Sixth Memory

After you get the battery, enter a building next to the hologram to obtain the sixth Memory.

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Way later on in the chapter, after you’ve solved the rolling barrels puzzle that grants you access to the battery in the Neco Corp, take the bucket shortcut, which leads you back to the start of the level.

Make your way back to the hologram in the central portion of the city and just next to it is a large building with yellow lights and bicycles all along the front of it. At this point in the mission, the door inside will be open, so walk in, and interact with the picture of the Sentinel on the wall. If you try to come here before you get the battery, the door will be closed.

Seventh Memory

The elevator in the Nightclub.

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After you’ve gathered all clues in Clementine’s apartment, you’ll end up at the Nightclub. Head inside, and then make your way to the bar area, next to the Strange Drink. Just behind the bartender is an elevator on the counter that takes you downstairs.

The final Memory of Midtown is above a round table.

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Inside this room, right in the center, is the final Memory of this chapter, above some bottles on a round table.

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