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Everything you need to know about Starfield, Bethesda next big sci-fi game

Bethesda will take to the stars, but how will they do it?

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After building their reputation on 100-hour RPGs like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, Bethesda Game Studios is unshackling themselves from the earthly plane to reach outer space with their next new franchise: Starfield.

At E3 2021, we finally got a slew of new information on the upcoming space-bound game, including new footage and voice acting. The shroud of mystery has lifted from the exploration game.

Here's everything we know about Starfield.

When is the Starfield release date?

Starfield will be available on November 11, 2022.

Is there a Starfield trailer?

Yes! After years of scraping by on the initial teaser trailer, we got an actual new trailer during E3 2021. You can watch it below.

From this teaser, we can see a few things about the game. Firstly, it doesn't take place on Earth, which you might’ve assumed.

This seems to be on the moon or a moon-like space area. We can see that this station is fully staffed and they use guns, so they must encounter hostiles on their expeditions. We don’t know what those enemies might be like. Perhaps the enemies are other explorers or perhaps they’re aliens?

The narrator sounds like they’re talking to the player. perhaps the story opens with the player making a revolutionary discovery? It sounds like the player works for an organization named Constellation.

This trailer also gives us a slightly better grasp on the available technology. Robots seem to be available, but space ships are still shoddy. Maybe it takes place in the late 21st century?

Will Starfield be an Xbox exclusive?

Yes, it will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and S and PC. This was almost certain to happen after Microsoft acquired Bethesda in 2020. If Microsoft and Sony hash out a deal possible the game could eventually come to PlayStation consoles, after a certain period of time has passed.

Will Starfield be on Game Pass?

Yes. You’ll be able to play Starfield on Game Pass starting on the day it drops.

Is there Starfield gameplay?

No, not yet. We do know that it's a sci-fi game. At E3 2019, Elon Musk chatted up Todd Howard about Starfield. From that conversation, it was made known that Starfield space travel will feel shakey.

"Traveling in space in our game, I want to say it's like flight in the '40s, like it's dangerous," says Howard. This implies a very scavenger-esque outlook to spacefaring in Starfield. In the conversation, Howard and Musk also discuss idiosyncratic elements to Starfield like collecting fuel and other things.

A logo.Bethesda Games

Is Elon Musk involved with Starfield?

Yes. Musk is a consultant in some capacity on the upcoming game.

How big will Starfield be?

Due to the limited information available, we don't know how big Starfield will be as a whole. What we do know, is that that there are at least four times the number of devs working on Starfield than Bethesda had on Skyrim or Fallout 4, implying it could be larger in scale.

We know from an interview with Howard that Starfield is exclusively a single-player game with procedurally generated elements, meaning Bethesda will be able to fully direct efforts to improving the single-player. Howard also mentioned that Bethesda's method to procedurally generate content has evolved immensely.

Tying into that, Howard confirmed in the interview that NPCs will play a large role in the game and cities will be massive. All of this to say, it sounds like Starfield will be absolutely massive.

Are there any Starfield leaks?

Yes! In addition to the potential release date being in 2021, there have been a number of screenshot leaks, showcasing the visual style Starfield is trying to create.

Bethesda Softworks, maybe?

This image is the clearest picture that we've had on Starfield yet. It comes from Twitter user Skullzi, who claims to have received it directly from a Bethesda employee. From the image, we can glean our first look at Starfield's HUD. Players seem to have access to a weapon on hand. The one currently being used appears to be a shotgun. There seem to be two other gauges. Perhaps one is for health and another is for oxygen? The spacesuit seems a bit janky, which ties into Howard's remark that space travel is dangerous in Starfield.

According to Skullzi, this leak comes from a Starfield 2018 build. The same person also leaked other images, showing more astronauts staring at spaceships. There are also claims that Starfield will feature multiple factions.

Some of these leaks were seemingly confirmed after a Bethesda employee was spotted sporting a shirt with a logo identical to the ones in the leaked photos. If leaks were able to get a very specific icon right, it's likely they got more right as well.

Although not an outright leak, Bethesda released a survey asking players about how they spend time in spaceships and what they like to do in said spaceships. Many players have taken this to suggest Bethesda was discussing Starfield in the survey, meaning that it could be used to eke out what features might be in the game. The survey mentioned something about Spaceship customization, implying that could be a feature in Starfield.

In the same survey, Bethesda mentions difficulty and gameplay pace, implying both could still be in flux for the upcoming game.

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