Willa Rowe

Willa is a queer journalist living in Brooklyn. She is the Video Game Trends Writer at Inverse. She writes about games with a focus on queer stories and the influences from other media we see in video games.

Game Recs

Trans Day of Visibility: 7 Impactful Games You Can Play Right Now

Trans rights are human rights.


Final Fantasy 7’s Snowboarding Mini-Game Is Still the Pinnacle of Absurd Fun

Shred the pow.

Game Recs

‘Life After Magic’ Is a Charming Visual Novel About Sailor Moon Getting Burnout

In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!


'Parasite Eve’s Big Endgame Twist Still Feels Groundbreaking 25 Years Later

Going up?

Game Theory

'Tears of the Kingdom’s Sky Islands Double Down on a Beloved 'Breath of the Wild' Feature

Look up.

Game Theory

'Tears of the Kingdom' Trailer Hints at the Return of a Wild Zelda Feature

Link takes a dip.


Oops! Sony's Quest to Block the Xbox-Activision Deal Seems to Have Backfired

Uno reverse!


'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' Is Nintendo's Next Epic — Everything to Know

The long wait is nearly over.

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Game Recs

10 Unforgettable Video Games That Will Move You to Tears

Grab a box of tissues.


God of War Ragnarök Voice Actor Teases a Sequel

Loose lips.

The Inverse Interview

How Xbox Ditched the Hype Train to Foster "Intentional Inclusion"

Ushering in the next 10 years of indies at Xbox.


'Elden Ring's Developer Released the Perfect Ninja Game 4 Years Ago

Git gud or git out.


Spider-Man 2 Leak Hints at the Return of the Best Miles Morales Character


Game Guides

How to Get the Secret Ending of 'Bayonetta Origins'

The End?


Final Fantasy 16 Footage Reveals a Major Hurdle for Developers



Diablo IV Open Beta Start and End Times, How to Access, and Rewards

The devil is in the details.


'Starfield' Rating Hints Bethesda Has Ditched a Beloved 'Skyrim' Mechanic

No smooching in space, kids.


Diablo IV’s Most Controversial Feature Is Also a Big Disappointment

Hell is always online.


Pokémon's Most Ambitious Sequels Still Haven’t Been Topped

Ruby and Sapphire represent a leap forward for the franchise.

Game Guides

6 Essential Tips to Know Before You Play 'Bayonetta Origins'

Witch in training.