Willa Rowe

Willa is a queer journalist living in Brooklyn. She is the Video Game Trends Writer at Inverse. She writes about games with a focus on queer stories and the influences from other media we see in video games.

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Imposter Syndrome

Overwatch 2 proves Blizzard doesn't know what fans want

Blizzard’s indecisiveness is killing the game.

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Size Doesn't Matter

Dread Delusion feels like Lovecraft made an Elder Scrolls game

Who needs a main story with all these side quests?

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Marvel XCOM release date, trailer, and leaks for the Firaxis game

Here's everything we know about Firaxis Games' rumored Marvel game.


10 years later, gaming has finally caught up with Lollipop Chainsaw

Sex, Blood, and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the time of #BimboTok