Palworld: How to Farm Paldium, Get Pal Spheres, and Catch Pals

Before you can catch, you have to craft.

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Character holding Pal Sphere in Palworld

Palworld has been making headlines ever since it was announced due to its basic premise of Pokémon with guns. But the game is much more than that as it is much more of a survival and crafting game first. This means before you can set off on your big adventure of catching Pals you will need to make sure you have all the tools to do so.

One of the first tasks the game gives to new players is to craft a Pal Sphere, Palworld’s version of a Poké Ball and the all-important item for catching said creatures. Here’s exactly how you craft Pal Spheres in Palworld as well as how to find the elusive Paldium Fragment crafting material.

How to Craft a Pal Sphere

Before you can catch Pals you will need to craft a Pal Sphere.


While you can find Pal Spheres dropped around the world the main way to get more Pal Spheres is to craft them. Crafting is done at workbenches and you can build the Primitive Workbench after reaching level two in Palworld. After that players need to unlock the recipe for the Pal Sphere through the technology tab on the menu. With that done you can finally craft Pal Spheres, as long as you have the proper materials.

This is the recipe for Pal Spheres:

  • Wood x 3
  • Stone x 3
  • Paldium Fragment x 1

Like other survival/crafting games you should be able to collect enough wood and stone fairly easily. Just think Minecraft logic and hit a bunch of trees and rocks and eventually you will be overflowing with wood and stone. Since these two materials are some of the most basic building blocks in Palworld’s crafting system you will get used to collecting them often.

Paldium Fragments, on the other hand, can be a bit trickier to hunt down. Though once you know what you are looking for it should be a breeze.

Where Do You Find the Paldium Fragment

These blue rocks contain the sought-after Paldium Fragment material.


Like other items in Palworld, there is a small chance that you may just happen across Paldium Fragments while exploring the world. In your mining of stones, there is also the rare occasion when Paldium Fragments will pop out. But if you are going to be crafting Pal Spheres regularly, and you probably will, then you are going to need a more stable source for the sought-after material.

The most reliable way to collect Paldium Fragments is to find Paldium rocks in the world. Paldium rocks look like regular rocks except for the glowing blue spots that can be seen on them. Paldium rocks are most common near water. Find a nearby river and it shouldn’t be too long until you find some Paldium rocks. Now just beat the rocks up until Paldium Fragments start popping out. After that you have the rare material you can finally go back to your workbench and craft some Pal Spheres and catch yourself some Pals. But remember that even though you can destroy Pals, maybe keep them at above 1 HP if you are trying to catch them.

Palworld is available on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

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