3 massive clues a Silent Hill PS5 reveal might happen soon

Alive by daylight.

The cancellation of Silent Hills in 2015 made it seem like Konami would abandon the Silent Hill series altogether, at least outside of the occasional cameo in games like Super Bomberman R or Pachinko machines. Despite those unconfirmed suspicions, a major series revival seems to be in the pipeline, if a new rumor, an upcoming crossover, and unconfirmed PS5 event are any indication.

Hint #1: Silent Hill is crossing over with Dead by Daylight

On May 26, Konami and Behaviour Interactive revealed that they would collaborate for a crossover between Silent Hill and Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where players try to survive being hunted down by various monsters, both original and from famous slasher flicks, namely the likes of Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. This might be the first indication that a new Silent Hill game is in the pipeline. Otherwise, why bother with a crossover at all?

This Silent Hill crossover should start sometime in June, and it will add a new map based on Midwich Elementary School, along with Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 as a new killer and Cheryl Manson from Silent Hill 3 as a new survivor. As this crossover is pretty thorough, it's clear that Konami is trying to bring the Silent Hill series back into the limelight.

A crossover with Dead by Daylight will help make the franchise relevant again so it would be a solid first step prior to the reveal of a series revival.

Hint #2: A reliable leaker claims Sony is making a new Silent Hill

DuskGolem, the Twitter user that previously leaked details on Resident Evil 8 and a Resident Evil 4 remake, has also tweeted about a new Silent Hill game on May 20. Apparently, a new Silent Hill game entered development at Sony's Japan Studio in early 2019 after Konami shopped the franchise around to a few different studios in 2018.

It is reportedly directed by series creator Keiichiro Toyama, alongside other series mainstays like artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka, who is also working on the Silent Hill-inspired Xbox Series X game The Medium. DuskGolem also claims that "the game is playable [and] has a demo that will be shown around [or] after reveal."

Hint #3: Sony is reportedly holding a PS5 reveal event soon

Several reports claiming that Sony will hold a PS5 reveal event on June 3 emerged on May 27. If Sony is working on a brand new Silent Hill game as a flagship PS5 title, it would make sense for them to reveal more about the game during this presentation.

DuskGolem did clarify on Twitter on May 27 that he doesn't know for sure whether or not this new Silent Hill game will appear during Sony's June 3 presentation, but it would make a lot of sense if this was a major Sony-developed PS5 game.

One rumor you shouldn't believe — While a Silent Hill remake seems likely, one previous rumor does not seem to hold much weight: One rumor claims that Sony has acquired the license to Silent Hill franchise from Konami so the company can have Hideo Kojima complete Silent Hills.

While DuskGolem's leak does claim that Sony is developing a Silent Hill game, they still say ownership of the franchise ultimately rests with Konami and that Kojima Productions isn't involved at all. Instead, the team that worked on the Siren and Gravity Rush games is working on the new Silent Hill.

The Dead by Daylight crossover also features a 2020 trademark for the series from Konami, confirming that it still owns the rights as of this year. An exciting Sony-developed reboot may be in the pipeline, but don't expect Konami to be completely removed from the process just yet.

A Silent Hill reboot remains unconfirmed.

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