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3 reasons to expect a PS5 reveal event in early June

We will learn more about Sony's next-gen console very soon.

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A full reveal event for Sony's PlayStation 5 is finally happening on June 4, 2020. While this announcement was supposed to be a surprise, even some game developers featured didn't know, the event's existence was spoiled beforehand through reports from VentureBeat and several other teases.

We now know that the PS5 is real, but these were the three most significant pieces of evidence that suggested that the PS5's grand reveal was coming before the official announcement.

Reason 1: The author of the original report has provided a more specific date

Jeff Grubb, the reporter who initially broke the news of an early June PS5 event in a May 18 VentureBeat report, is once again talking about the event on Twitter with a more specific date in mind. In a Wednesday Twitter thread, he shared an event schedule that claimed the PS5 event was taking place "soon" in a slot between June 2 and 4.

This prompted Twitter user Wario64 to ask if the event was "before June 4?" In response, Jeff Grubb said, "after June 2," and posted an updated calendar saying "June 3" instead of "soon."

The String of tweets teasing that a PS5 event is coming on June 3.


This exchange between Grubb and Wario64 and subsequent tweets by Grubb indicate that the event will take place on June 3 barring any major changes on Sony's end. The date referenced in the exchange ended up being wrong, but the shift to June 4 was likely a last-minute change on Sony's end.

Reason 2: Bloomberg reports also indicate a June 3 event date

Bloomberg published a May 27 report corroborating the claim that a PS5 event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3. Authors Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki did point out that "plans have been in flux and that the date may change," so its not surprising the date of the presentation ended up being June 4.

"Other PlayStation 5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months," the article reads, "and Sony is not expected to reveal every essential detail on the console during its first presentation." While Sony has been fairly quiet about the PS5 thus far, there's a lot to look forward to later in the summer. This upcoming will probably just focus on console design and game and won't include details like price or release date.

Reason 3: Sony has just updated its PS5 website

As all of the rumors about an upcoming PS5 event are swirling, Sony updated the console's official website. It doesn't include any information about an upcoming event; instead, it has added text about some of the capabilities of the next-gen console. It's all fairly generic, but it still proves that Sony is actively adjusting the marketing strategy for its next-gen console.

  • Lightning speed — Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation console can do.
  • Stunning games — Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5™ features.
  • Breathtaking immersion — Discover a deeper gaming experience with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D Audio technology.

While none of it is new information per se, a renewed focus towards the PS5 was a clear indicator that Sony planned on talking about the console once again very soon. Game for PS5 will finally be shown off on June 4, 2020, and we can't wait for next-gen hype to kick-off following major presentations from both Sony and Microsoft.

The PS5 is still on track to be released sometime during the 2020 holiday season.

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