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This overpowered Marvel Snap Infinaut deck blows the game wide open

Rise through the ranks faster than ever with this strategy.

Marvel Snap

As you reach the high ranks in Marvel Snap, matches become much harder to win, as you’ll come across players with a wider card pool. You’ll have to utilize clever strategies to defeat tough opponents, which is easier said than done. However, one new strategy can aid you on your journey, offering a simple, yet effective way to win matches. This strategy utilizes The Infinaut, a card with 20 Power. But how does the strategy work and which cards should you use with this deck?

Marvel Snap The Infinaut deck card list

Simply having The Infinaut in your deck isn’t enough. Sure, you’ll probably win matches with it, but for the best results, you’ll want to build your deck around this card, increasing your chances of coming out on top.

The Infinaut is a devastating card with 20 Power.


These are the cards we recommend having in your Infinaut deck:

  • Sunspot: Energy 1, Power 1
  • Iceman: Energy 1, Power 2
  • Angela: Energy 2, Power 1
  • Scorpion: Energy 2, Power 2
  • Armor: Energy 2, Power 3
  • Lizard: Energy 2, Power 5
  • Storm: Energy 3, Power 2
  • Jubilee: Energy 4, Power 1
  • Jessica Jones: Energy 4, Power 4
  • Hobgoblin: Energy 5, Power -8
  • America Chavez: Energy 6, Power 9
  • The Infinaut: Energy 6, Power 20

How to use the Marvel Snap Infinaut deck

Your board will look something like this when everything goes right. One lane will have Sunspot and Storm, while the other will have The Infinaut. In this instance, we pulled The Infinaut from Jubilee.


With this deck, the main goal is to capture a lane by turn 4, allowing you to easily overtake a second on turn 6 to win the game. There’s a lot of luck that goes into this, but if you play your cards right (pun absolutely intended), you can easily achieve victory.

Ideally, you’ll be able to use Sunspot as soon as possible, so try to play it on the rightmost lane. This is to avoid getting destroyed by Elektra since players typically like to use that card on the leftmost lane. Then, you’ll want to use Armor to protect your Sunspot, which is essential since so many players run Killmonger (which destroys all Energy 1 cards).

You’ll want to eventually play Storm in the same lane as your Sunspot. This card floods a particular location on the next turn. This will catch your opponent off guard, likely winning the location for you. Finally, on turn 4, play your Jessica Jones in the same lane, just in case. If your opponent hasn’t played any cards at this location by this point, you can play your Jessica Jones elsewhere, as your Sunspot will continue to grow in Power — making it even easier to win the lane.

Hopefully, by now, you’ll have The Infinaut in your hand. If you do, skip turn 5 (which will grant Sunspot an additional 5 Power). Then, on the final turn, play your Infinaut at whichever other location you’re closest to winning.

Utilizing Sunspot alongside The Infinaut is key since you have to skip turn 5.


There are a few more things to know about this deck. For one, you won’t always draw the aforementioned cards in that exact order for each match. The same strategy — of capturing one lane before turn 5 — remains, but how you do that might look different each match. For instance, if you haven’t drawn a Sunspot yet but you do have a Jubilee, you can play it for a chance at drawing The Infinaut early, which will no doubt win you the lane.

Another important factor to consider is that if you haven’t drawn The Infinaut by turn 5, you won’t get to play it that game (barring any unusual circumstances). Typically, you’ll want to skip your fifth turn since The Infinaut can only be placed if you didn’t play a card on the previous turn. But if you haven’t drawn it by turn 5, you’ll want to actually play a card that turns, and then use America Chavez next, which still could lead you to victory.

For the final tip, it’s important to note that this deck isn’t necessarily full-proof. You could get bad luck when drawing, or with the Location spawns, or even with your opponent’s hand.

However, this deck is ideal because you’ll almost always know if you’re going to win by turn 5. This means you should retreat when you aren’t confident, softening the blow as you rise through the ranks. Likewise, if you’ve captured a lane by turn 5 and have The Infinaut in your hand, you should always Snap to ensure you rank up as quickly as possible.

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