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8 powerful Pool 3 cards for any Marvel Snap deck

Come out on top with these Pool 3 cards.

Marvel Snap

Now that Marvel Snap has been out for a while, players are likely beginning to discover Pool 3 cards. These are unlocked once you reach Collection Level 486, meaning you’ll need to upgrade your cards quite a bit before reaching Pool 3. While Pool 3 has a wide range of fantastic cards, there are some we recommend over others. Here are eight essential Pool 3 cards for any Marvel Snap deck. As always, these aren’t the only good cards, as there are a wide variety of options that work well — these are just tremendously versatile, giving them an edge against other choices in Pool 3.



When this is destroyed, return it to your hand with double the Power.


Deadpool isn’t just one of the most popular Marvel characters, he’s also a top choice for Pool 3 in Marvel Snap. This is because Deadpool comes back with double power after being destroyed, so be sure to buff this card a lot beforehand. This card works well alongside the Death card.


The Hood

On Reveal: Add a Demon to your hand.


Seemingly, this card doesn’t appear useful, but The Hood brings Demon into your hand when revealed, making it a top pick. Demon has an Energy cost of 1 and 6 Power, which is tremendously useful. You can then destroy The Hood to counter out its -2 Power.



On Reveal: If the last card you played has an Ongoing ability, this card gains it.


Once again, this Mystique might not seem useful due to its 0 Power, but if you plan accordingly, it can lead you to victory. Mystique replicates the Ongoing ability of the previous card you played, which can be used in a variety of clever ways.



Ongoing: Your On Reveal abilities at this location happen twice.


Much like Mystique, Wong impacts your abilities — specifically, the On Reveal powers at a specific location. Wong doubles these abilities, so be sure to play it alongside other powerful On Reveal cards.



On Reveal: Your opponent can’t play cards at this location next turn.


Spider-Man is a clutch card that prevents your opponent from playing a card at a certain location. It’s easy to see why this is so effective, as it can effectively help you win a particular Location with ease.



Ongoing: Cards in your hand cost 1 less. (Minimum 1)


You'd be surprised just how powerful Sera is — as it reduces the cost of all cards in your hand by 1. This can let you pull off plays you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, thanks to having more Energy to go around.


Doctor Doom

On Reveal: Add a 5-Power DoomBot to each other location.


Want to play three powerful cards at once but don’t have the Energy? That’s where Doctor Doom comes in, adding a DoomBot — which has a Power of 5 — to each other location. This is absolutely devastating and could easily turn the tide of a match.



Costs 1 less for each card destroyed this game.


Death is interesting, as it costs 9 Energy, making it one of the most expensive cards in the game. However, for each card destroyed, it costs 1 less, which can come in handy in a destruction deck.

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