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Here's how Fast Upgrades work in Marvel Snap — and if they're worth it

An efficient way to boost rarity or a scam?

Marvel Snap

Trading card game Marvel Snap has hooked its player-base thanks to its easy-to-understand mechanics. With it being a free-to-play mobile game, there are plenty of incentives to keep checking in each day — one of which is its “Fast Upgrades” system. Seemingly, the Fast Upgrade system allows you to level up your cards much more efficiently. But after digging into it a little deeper, this system isn’t quite what it seems. So, are Fast Upgrades worth using in Marvel Snap?

How do Marvel Snap Fast Upgrades work?

Before diving into whether we recommend using Fast Upgrades, let’s first identify how this system works. This is essential to understanding why this mechanic is a little misleading.

Each day, three cards are available to enhance using Fast Upgrade.


In Marvel Snap, there are multiple currency types including Credits (blue), Boosters (green), and Gold (gold). In order to upgrade a card, you need to spend Credits and Boosters.

The requirements grow alongside the card’s rarity. For instance, to upgrade to Uncommon, it costs only 25 Credits and 5 Boosters. But, as the rarity increases, so does the cost. The rarest card type, Infinity, costs a whopping 500 Credits and 50 Boosters.

The general appeal of the Fast Upgrade system — at least, on the surface — is that you can pay the difference in Boosters using Credits at a rate of 5 Credits per Booster. For example, if a card upgrade costs 10 Boosters, and you only have two on hand, you can spend an additional 40 Credits (along with the Credit cost) to upgrade a particular card — which is nice if you’re short on Boosters.

Each day, you can upgrade three cards using the Fast Upgrade system.

Are Marvel Snap Fast Upgrades worth using?

Fast Upgrades are in place to entice playest to spend real money.


In general, no, we don’t recommend using Fast Upgrades. This is because Credits are harder to come by than Boosters — or at least, Boosters seem to last longer than Credits do.

If you’re someone who uses the Fast Upgrade system, you might find yourself running out of Credits more often — thus enticing you to spend Gold to get more. Instead, the best use of Gold is to continuously buy Mission refills, giving you more ways to earn Credits, Boosters, and Battle Pass XP.

The only time you should ever buy Fast Upgrades is if you have a ridiculous amount of Credits, which would only happen if you spent a lot of real money on Gold. It’s also possible to reach a Booster Cap so, in the event that this happens to you, you might feel inclined to buy the Fast Upgrades. Even still, we recommend you stop playing for the day instead of wasting Credits on the Fast Upgrades.

Bottom line: Fast Upgrades are misleading and will actually halt your progress when upgrading your Collection Level. It’s in place to encourage players to spend real money, so we advise you to not use Fast Upgrades whatsoever.

Marvel Snap is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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