How to get more cards and raise your collection level in Marvel Snap

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The best things in life are free. Marvel Snap has one of the best systems of any digital card game. Players don’t need to open packs or spend real money on a Gatcha — all you need to do is play and complete missions. But the game doesn’t explain those systems very clearly, so it’s not easy to figure out how to get a shiny Dr. Doom or blinged-out Captain America. So, here’s how to expand your Marvel Snap collection — without spending a single cent.

How to get more cards in Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, you start the game with 12 base cards. To unlock the rest, you’ll need to spend credits to upgrade your cards to increase your collection level. Each group of cards is broken up into pools, and you’ll need to unlock every card in the previous pool to move on to the next.

Pool one consists of 46 cards and goes from collection level one to 214. Pool two, which has 25 cards, lasts until level 474. Pool three, which has the most cards at 74, has no set end level. It grants Collector Caches or Reserves that don’t guarantee cards but could contain them. Finishing pools one and two can be done in a couple of weeks, but pool three takes months of grinding to get every card in the game.

Ant-Man is a pool one staple in a lot of decks.

Second Dinner

So if you want to find a specific card in a pool, you’ll have to raise that collection level. When I first started, I desperately wanted Killmonger, one of the strongest three-power cards in the game. But he was literally the last card I unlocked in pool two. It’s frustrating, but also makes the game feel a bit more rewarding when you finally snag your treasured combo piece.

How to raise your collection level in Marvel Snap

In order to raise your collection level, you need to upgrade your card’s rarity with Credits and Boosters. Credits are a farmable currency that can be unlocked by completing daily missions, hitting a tier in your collection level, or in Caches found in the Season Pass or collection level track. Boosters are specific to each character and can be earned by completing battles or as Cache rewards. Cards that are lower rarity are more likely to get Boosters after the battle.

It takes 155 Boosters and 1525 Credits to fully upgrade a card to Infinite.

There are six rarities that a card can be upgraded to, with each costing a certain amount of credits and granting a specific amount of collection levels.

  • Uncommon-25 Credits (+1 Level)
  • Rare- 100 Credits (+2 Levels)
  • Epic- 200 Credits (+4 Levels)
  • Legendary- 300 Credits (+6 Levels)
  • Ultra- 400 Credits (+8 Levels)
  • Infinity- 500 Credits (+10 Levels)

It really doesn’t matter which card you prioritize upgrading, but the ones you use the most often will probably have the most Boosters for you to use.

How to upgrade a card to Infinity in Marvel Snap

Once a card gets upgraded to Infinity, a glowing icon will appear in the bottom right of the screen that splits the card into two. You’ll now have either a new background or particle effect on the copy, which you can then upgrade again fully through the bracket to add up to one more effect. Players who have cards with fancier backgrounds, like the Kirby effect, have upgraded their cards to Infinity numerous times just to get that result.

My Blue Marvel variant is truly gorgeous.

Second Dinner

The backgrounds and effects you get are entirely random, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get what you wanted. Marvel Snap doesn’t let you buy everything you want — you’ll just have to keep trying.

Marvel Snap is available on Steam and mobile devices.

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