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How to take down the Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact

We’ve got a bone to pick with this dog.

I'm not a fan of the Golden Wolflord. Genshin Impact's new big bad boss may look super cool as it glides around the arena like some kind of flying snake-dog, but it features a few annoying mechanics for players to deal with. First off, it applies the same corrosion effect as the Rifthound enemies that were introduced in Version 2.2, slowly reducing your entire party's health whenever you are hit. If you’re having trouble, then we’ve got you covered with every tip you’ll need to.

Golden Wolflord presents a terribly difficult challenge if you don't have a high-leveled Geo party member (since it's weak to Geo damage in its second phase). It's almost like someone at developer miHoYo is forcing us to wish for Gorou and Arataki Itto. With Gorou's banner boosts to Geo party members and his ranged attacks, he was made to thoroughly annihilate the Golden Wolflord. It's just a shame that he isn't out until December 14, after the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event ends.

That means if you want to farm Arataki Itto's materials and get some Prithiva Topaz at the same time for Gorou, you're going to have to fight with what you have. Luckily, even a level one Geo character can prove effective, though just make sure they don't get hit. If you don't plan on leveling Gorou or Itto, then you've got no reason to fight this boss unless it pops up in the Spiral Abyss.

Where is the Golden Wolflord?

The island is fairly small, so finding this demon dog should be simple enough.


If you are a version or two behind, you may not have unlocked Tsurumi Island yet, where the Rifthound enemies recently started to appear. The Golden Wolflord boss is located in an arena to the south of the island. If you took part in the Shadows of the Ancients event in Version 2.2, you'll remember it as the arena where we had to fight the Anomalous Ruin Grader. Simply show up, walk towards the glowing rift, and the Wolflord will stick its head out to say hi.

How to Beat the Genshin Impact Golden Wolflord Boss

The two hardest parts of the Golden Wolflord boss are dealing with its corrosion-causing ranged attacks in the second phase, and the fact that it's both very hard to hit with melee characters while in the air, and is difficult to target with normal bow or catalyst attacks unless you are close.

A beastly rift indeed.


Phase One

During this phase, the Golden Wolflord will fly around the arena performing a variety of attacks. This phase is pretty easy once you know what to look for. The main attacks are:

  • Beam: The Wolflord charges up and fires a beam. You can dodge through this, but it's better to run straight at the boss and use the opportunity to deal some damage.
  • Spin Attack: A quick tail lash—simply avoid the Wolflord when you see it rising vertically into the air.
  • Vortex: This is the classic Anemo Hypostasis-esque vortex attack. You can't damage it during this phase, so just run away. After this attack, the Wolflord will be paralyzed on the ground, so take the chance to deal damage.
  • Wolf Heads: The boss fires three explosive wolf heads at you. As with the Ruin enemy missiles, simply dodge when they get close.
  • Snake: The boss slithers around the arena then falls over onto its back. Avoid, then rush in to do damage.

This phase will end after you've taken off around a third of its health bar.

Phase Two

Dogs can fly!?


Summoning three wolf heads around the arena, the Golden Wolflord will gain a shield. During this phase, you have to deal elemental damage to the wolf heads to disable it, but while you're doing this, they will periodically fire corrosive projectiles at you, and the Wolflord will perform AoE attacks. If you have a leveled Geo character, now is the time to use them.

Even a level one Geo character should still be able to smash the wolf heads, but be very careful, because if one projectile hits they'll be done. Any elemental damage that isn't Geo will only do a small amount to the heads. Once you've destroyed them, the boss will be stunned for a good while, letting you deal damage to finish it off.

What are the Golden Wolflord boss rewards?

The most important thing that you can get from the Golden Wolflord is Riftborn Regalia—the boss material needed to level Arataki Itto. You're going to need 46 to ascend him fully, so that means you'll have to fight the Golden Wolflord 20-ish times. Here are the other potential rewards:

  • Prithiva Topaz
  • Four or five-star Gladiator's Finale artifacts
  • Four or five-star Wanderer's Troupe artifacts
  • Three-star Travelling Doctor artifacts
  • Three or four-star Instructor artifacts
  • Three or four-star Exile artifacts

And that's it for the boss guide. Good luck with the Golden Wolflord!

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