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7 essential items to farm before Genshin Impact adds Gorou in Version 2.3

Find this furry's favorite treats.

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Planning to drop some Wishes on the Genshin Impact Gorou banner? General of the Sangonomiya Resistance and all-around good boy, Gorou, was recently announced as a playable character for Genshin Impact 2.3. He'll be cozying up with that troublemaker Arataki Itto on the Oni's Royale banner due to drop on December 14, if previous durations remain consistent. But what materials should you already be farming to take full advantage of this dog-man-boy?

There are Eula and Albedo reruns happening before Gorou lands on the scene, so that gives us plenty of time to gather what we need before he becomes available in-game. Most of the four-star Geo archer's materials were introduced alongside Kokomi, which makes sense when you consider he serves in her army. This means that, unlike Arataki Itto, you can actually gather everything you need to ascend this proud pup right now.

With that in mind, we've created a list of the materials you'll need before the Genshin Impact Gorou banner if you want to ascend both his level cap and talents.

Gorou is ready to go.


Gorou Character Ascension materials

  • Prithiva Topaz (1 Sliver, 9 Fragments, 9 Chunks, 6 Gemstones)
  • 46 Perpetual Hearts
  • 168 Sango Pearls
  • Spectral materials (18 Husks, 30 Hearts, 36 Nucleus)

You're also going to need 430-ish Hero's Wit to level him up and around 420,000 Mora for the Ascension costs. This amount will, of course, vary depending on your world level and how high you can ascend him.

Gorou Talent Ascension materials

  • “Light” scrolls (3 Teachings, 21 Guides, 38 Philosophies)
  • Spectral materials (6 Husk, 22 Hearts, 31 Nucleus)
  • 6 Molten Moments
  • 1 Crown of Insight

These are just the materials to level one talent completely, so you'll need three times the amount if you want all three talents. You'll also need to spend 1,652,000 Mora to get each talent fully leveled.

Where to find Gorou's ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Here's everything you're going to need to level Gorou on day one, and where to find it:

Gorou with his squad.


Prithiva Topaz

This is the standard ascension material for Geo characters, and you can get it from a few different bosses. In this case, you'll be wanting to fight the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Inazuma as much as possible to also earn Perpetual Hearts. Unlike Arataki Itto's materials from the as-of-yet unreleased Golden Wolflord boss, it's a lot easier to farm for Gorou.

If you haven't fought the Perpetual Mechanical Array before, simply head to Jinren Island north of Narukami and you'll find a portal similar to the one that takes you to the island with the Spiral Abyss. Use the wind to fly into it and you'll be teleported to the boss arena.

In terms of the boss itself, you basically hit it until it breaks down into separate parts, then hit the part with the glowing ring around it. Do this, dodge its big AoE attacks, and it'll prove no challenge.

Perpetual Heart

This is the second boss material that you need to ascend Gorou's level cap. You'll get it by fighting the Perpetual Mechanical Array on level 30 and up. After defeating the boss, warp to waypoint, do something else for three minutes, then warp back and it will be ready to fight again.

Sango Pearls

This character ascension material was introduced alongside Kokomi in version 2.1, and as such, you can only find them on the island of Watatsumi. Considering Gorou is also from there, it makes sense he'd need these precious pearls too.

As you can see below (courtesy of the official miHoYo map) there are 44 Sango Pearls dotted about the island. Considering you need 168, that's four complete farms. The pearls also take 48 hours to respawn. Luckily there's plenty of time before Gorou releases.

Use this handy map to help you on your hunt.


Spectral Materials

Another set of materials that appeared in version 2.1, Spectral items, are, unsurprisingly, dropped by the Specter enemies that inhabit Watatsumi and Seirai island. These flying plant-like orbs come in different elemental flavors and will fire projectiles if you stray too close.

Despite that, they are easy to defeat. You can get the upgraded versions of Spectral materials (such as Hearts and Nuclei) by defeating Specters of a higher world level, or by crafting them at the Alchemy Bench using a lower rarity version of their material.

“Light” Scrolls

Gorou's scrolls of “Light” ascension materials are obtained at the Violet Court on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Domain is located on a small island between Narukami and Kujou Sara's encampment on Kannazuka. As always, it's a good idea to do the hardest version of the challenge for higher rarity drops and to use Condensed Resin if you have any to earn twice the rewards, thereby speeding up the process.

Molten Moment

One of La Signora's boss materials, the Molten Moment is earned by fighting the Crimson Witch on level 70+ in the Trounce Domain. You'll have to complete the Inazuma Archon quest to unlock her, and she can be a bit of a tricky fight since she applies the same sheer cold status you get from wandering in Dragonspine, as well as a heat status.

Get ready!


The key to beating her is hanging around the status-reducing lamps in the corners of the arena in-between bouts of damage-dealing. You can also smash the lamps to remove your status completely, but this is only advisable if you're going to get aggressive. If you've been unlucky with drops, you can also craft the Molten Moment using La Signora's other materials, and a Dream Solvent potentially awarded from the weekly Trounce Domain bosses.

Crown of Insight

Upgrading a talent to max level isn't something you do that often, since it costs a crazy amount, and you need a Crown of Insight to do it. This material can only be obtained through seasonal events, such as the recent Labyrinth Warriors, and the upcoming Shadows Amidst Snowstorms. Excluding these events, there are only five Crowns in Genshin Impact. One is earned by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine with Scarlet Quartz, and the other four, by offering Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma.

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