6 best Electro characters in Genshin Impact, ranked

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It's a shame that Yae Miko didn't turn out to be the support character that Electro sorely needed. With Geo going from strength to strength with Gorou and Yun Jin, along with the free-to-play powerhouse that is Noelle and Cryo getting Shenhe's buffs, it feels like the other elements have been left out of the party. At least Hydro is getting Ayato in Genshin Impact Version 2.6.

But with Yae now on the scene, you might be wondering who the best Genshin Impact Electro characters are? There's a pretty varied selection. Whether you want a character with a distinctive playstyle like Beidou, Yae, or Keqing; a straightforward damage-dealer like Razor; or an amazing hybrid support/DPS in the form of the Raiden Shogun.

In this list, I'll count down our selection of the six best Electro characters, and explain what makes them unique and generally a great addition to your party.

The 6 best Genshin Impact Electro characters


6. Beidou

This eye-patched pirate captain of Liyue Harbor's Crux Fleet is one of the most fun Electro characters to play with, in large part due to her parry ability. Beidou creates a shield with her elemental skill, Tidecaller, before unleashing a powerful AoE slash with her claymore. The damage of this attack strengthens if multiple enemies hit the shield before it’s used. But once Beidou unlocks her Retribution passive, she can deal max damage by simply using the skill when she's hit. The parry is pretty generous in terms of timing, too.

If you're looking for more parry characters like Beidou, Yun Jin's Opening Flourish skill and True To Oneself passive work almost exactly the same way.


5. Razor

Everyone's favorite wolf boy, Razor, is basically the Diluc of Electro, by which I mean he's a straightforward and reliable damage-dealer.

When both Beidou and Keqing's playstyles are a little fiddly, it makes sense that Razor is popular as an Electro damage-dealer that is easy to pull and even easier to use. His Claw and Thunder skill is almost identical to Eula's Icetide Vortex, letting him gather Electro Sigils with a button press and unleash them in an AoE lightning storm by holding the button down. These sigils can also be converted into energy for his Lightning Fang burst, letting him use the superstate more often.


4. Keqing

Though she's been slightly overshadowed by new and more powerful five-stars, Keqing is still a strong damage-dealer with a unique playstyle, as she hurls lightning stilettos at foes and zaps around the battlefield.

Her main strengths are the Electro infusion she gains from her Stellar Restoration skill, her fast attacks which work well for a crit build, and the general mobility that stems from her combos, making it hard for most groups of enemies to hit her. She may not be the most optimal five-star, but she's really fun, and isn't that what Genshin is really about?


3. Yae Miko

Though she didn't turn out to be a support character for Electro like Shenhe, Yun Jin, and Gorou were for their respective elements, Yae Miko is still an excellent damage-dealer.

As a catalyst-user, she weaves Sesshou Sakura around the battlefield that periodically deals AoE Electro damage, but when she uses her burst, these turrets transform into fast-firing thunderbolts. As with Eula, it's a really fun synergy between skill and burst that grants her a very particular playstyle, and though it can be tricky to place her Sakura correctly when they all hit, it's a lot of damage.


2. Fischl

When you take into account both utility and rarity, Fischl is probably the best Electro character in Genshin Impact.

Though she isn't the most powerful in terms of damage, as a four-star she's relatively easy to get, and her Nightrider skill creates an Electro turret in the form of her Nightraven, Oz. This turret stays on the field even when Fischl isn't the active character, allowing you to combo it with many different characters for reactions. With her Stellar Predator passive, Fischl can also shoot Oz with a charged shot to create an AoE Electro explosion, a little like a discount Electro version of Ganyu's Frostflake Arrows.


1. Raiden Shogun

Is anyone surprised that the Raiden Shogun turned out to be the most powerful Electro character? Like Venti or post-buff Zhongli before her, it's pretty common for the Archon to blow other characters out of the water in terms of power — and Raiden knows power. After all, she's basically a battery for your party.

As your other characters cast their bursts, they'll add Resolve stacks to Raiden's Eye of Stormy Judgement, and when she uses her burst and enters her Musou Isshin state, she'll gain increased Electro damage based on those stacks. As she hits opponents, she'll also recharge your other party members' bursts, creating a powerful cycle. When you take into account the fact that her damage scales with energy recharge, she's a strong support/DPS character all rolled into one.

And that's our list of the best Genshin Impact Electro characters. We hope you managed to pull Raiden or Yae!

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