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Use this "machine gun" Fischl build in Genshin Impact to demolish enemies

Big Fischl, small build.

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In the world of Genshin Impact, almost any character you unlock can become a boon to your party with the right equipment. Fischl, a versatile and highly mobile archer, is already considered to be one of the best characters in Genshin Impact.

Her bow deals Electro damage from a distance, making her perfect for crowd control. And you can make Fischl even better with just a few simple items needed to craft everything in Fischl's single strongest build.

You'll need to find a few artifacts, Genshin Impact's equivalent of armor, and to craft a specific bow via the local forge master.

Here's how to make the absolute best Fischl build imaginable.

What's the best Fischl build?

The best Fishcl build is one that's commonly referred to as "Machine Gun Fischl." It's a high damage output build for the blonde archer that boasts high attack speed, increased damage, and increased Electro. This allows Fischl to play up her strengths while dealing enough damage to stay on your party's frontlines.

It's perfect for crowd control and swiftly defeating mid-level foes.

To craft this build, you're going to need three things.

  1. The Compound Bow
  2. (2) Gladiator's Finale set artifacts
  3. (2) Thundering Fury set artifacts

Fischl's schadenfreude


Obtain the Compound Bow

Overall, the Compound Bow is perhaps one of the greatest bows in the game. It'll increase any archer's damage by up to eight percent. In addition to the damage increase, your archer's firing speed will rise dramatically. To obtain this bow, you'll need to craft it at your local forge. The recipe should be available by default. It requires one Northlander Bow Prototype, 50 Crystal Chunks, and 50 White Iron Chunks.

You can find the Northlander Bow Prototype either at the Souvenir Shop in Liyue or as a drop from weekly bosses like Wolf of the North. Crystal Chunks and White Iron Chunks both need to be mined throughout the world.

You might be able to expedite the process by sending your characters on 20-hour explorations via the Adventure Guild. This will earn you a handful of each chunk type per exploration. Additionally, Shitou, a merchant in Liyue Harbor sells White Iron Chunks. He holds up to 10 at a time and restocks every three days.

Obtain two Gladiator's Finale set artifacts

While you have two Gladiator's Finale artifacts equipped, Fischl's base attack will increase by 18 percent, allowing for each arrow to deal more damage.

You can find Gladiator's Finale artifacts by defeating elite bosses like Cryo Regisvine, Geo Hypostasis, Oceanid, and Pyro Regisvine. Weekly bosses like the Wolf of the North will drop Gladiator's Finale artifacts on occasion as well.

Fischl and Oz


Obtain two Thundering Fury set artifacts

With two Thundering Fury artifacts equipped, Fischl's Electro attacks will deal 15 percent more damage. This damage increase also extends to Fischl's avian ally, Oz, who you can summon using her Elemental Skill, Nightrider. Each shot they release while active will be slightly stronger with this set equipped. It's an all-around massive damage boost to Fischl's whole toolkit.

You can obtain Thundering Fury by completing Domain of Blessing: Fires of Purification III through VI. You can find this domain in Mondstadt, to the south of Starsnatch Cliff.

Now your Fischl should be good to go!

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