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Where to find the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7, Week 9

The artifact grind continues in Week 9.

fortnite alien artifacts
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Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 has finally arrived, and that means players must find five more Alien Artifact Canisters spread across the Battle Royale map. Are you looking to make the most of your Battle Pass and the tier-one Kymera skin? Then use these locations to earn a total of 20 customization parts split into groups of four. Learn all you need to know by looking at the maps below.

Fortnite Week 9 Alien Artifact locations

As usual Week 9 features five new Alien Artifact canisters with four customization parts in each canister. By the time you finish this guide, your total number of artifacts should increase by 20. With that math in mind, let’s get to the locations.

Alien Artifact location 1: The first Alien Artifact is located inside the main restaurant building of the Gas N’ Grub Landmark. It’s found here, south of Corny Complex. Just enter through the front door and you’ll see a canister on the floor beyond the counter.

The first Alien Artifact can be found inside the restaurant of the Gas N’ Grub Landmark.

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Alien Artifact location 2: The next Alien Artifact is inside Defiant Dish, which is situated east of Weeping Woods. Land inside the satellite dish itself to snag the artifact.

The second Alien Artifact is located inside the Defiant Dish satellite dish.

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Alien Artifact location 3: The third Alien Artifact canister is found in this area in western Weeping Woods.

Next, head to this area in western Weeping Woods.

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From here you’ll see this little shack with a Chest and artifact canister sitting inside.

You’ll find the artifact inside this shack in the woods.

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Alien Artifact location 4: Sticking with the shack-centric theme, the fourth Alien Artifact location is at Stack Shack, which is situated on this small island northwest of Holly Hatchery. Just go inside the shack when you land there to get the goods.

The fourth Alien Artifact is located at Stack Shack, which is northwest of Holly Hatchery.

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Alien Artifact location 5: The fifth and final Alien Artifact location for Week 9 is at the Unremarkable Shack Landmark that’s on the marked island northwest of Craggy Cliffs. Here you’ll find a stilted shack with stairs leading up to a deck. Go around the back of the shack and break through the debris and boxes in front of you to open a compartment under the deck. The last Alien Artifact canister is inside there.

The last Alien Artifact is found beneath the Unremarkable Shack northwest of Craggy Cliffs.

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More Alien Artifact locations

As easy as these five Alien Artifact locations are to find, they’re hardly the only Alien Artifact spawns players can take advantage of on the Battle Royale map. For those in need of additional locations, here’s every weekly guide we’ve published so far. Just click the links below for an instant ticket to awesome customization.

Fortnite Week 9 Epic Quests

Alongside the debut of new Alien Artifacts for Week 9, Thursday also brings a fresh roster of Epic Quests to complete outside the Legendary questline that went live on Wednesday. Here’s the full list of Epic Quests for those who may be hunting for all the XP they can possibly handle.

  • Launch toilets with a Grab-itron (two)
  • Dance on an Abductor or as a passenger on a Saucer
  • Avoid taking damage while dealing 100 damage to opponents in a single match
  • Reveal an opponent with a Recon Scanner, then hit them with a Rail Gun
  • Drive an IO vehicle with off-road tires (1,000)
  • Use IO launchpads (one)
  • Carry an alien sample from a satellite station's dish to an entrance at Corny Complex

That’s all you need to know about the Week 9 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite.

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