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Everything you need to know about the futuristic Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys is going back to the future next season.

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Fall Guys isn't going anywhere. While the battle royale game isn't quite the sensation it was in summer 2020, Epic Games (the company behind Fortnite and Unreal Engine) acquired Fall Guys developer Mediatonic in early March 2021. That means that we're likely to see even more resources go into the hit elimination game.

What's on the horizon? The game's fourth season is coming and it looks to be the most thematically appealing yet. Fall Guys is trading in its Season 3 winter wonderland for some futuristic vibes in Season 4. Here's what to expect from Season 4 and how Epic Games buying the Fall Guys developer might affect it.

When is the Fall Guys Season 4 start time?

Fall Guys Season 4 kicks off on Monday, March 22. That means that players will need to act fast if they want to finish collecting everything from Season 3.

Is there a Fall Guys Season 4 trailer?

There are two trailers currently out: a cinematic one and a gameplay one. The cinematic one is especially worth watching because it features a slight teaser for the season’s Among Us crossover (more on that in a moment). The gameplay trailer shows off some of the actual new stages and new mechanics. It also mentions a host of exciting new features coming to the game.

What is the Fall Guys Season 4 theme?

The next season of Fall Guys is going to a bold new frontier: the year 4041. A logo reveal teases a sort of retro-future aesthetic that calls back to the days of ‘80s sci-fi. That means lots of neon lights and VHS filters.

As for how that'll affect the game itself, Fall Guys' Twitter account has given one exciting tease. A screenshot shows the beans being knocked around in a giant pinball machine. Mediatonic asked fans to name the pinball flippers and the winner is ... Flippity Bippities. So, you're sure to see a lot of Flippity Bippities in Season 4, at least.

What is the Fall Guys and Among Us crossover?

An Among Us outfit in Fall Guys.


The big news this season is that the game is getting a surprise Among Us crossover. A red crewmate costume is coming to the game, which will be available on day one. Players will need to hit level 26 to get both the top and bottom parts of the costume.

According to IGN, developer Mediatonic implied that the skin isn’t just a cosmetic. It seems that wearing it grants players a specific perk, though it’s a secret for now. It sounds like there may be some sort of imposter mechanic added to the game as a reference to Among Us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to smack enemies with a big alien tongue or straight-up shoot them with a gun.

What are the Fall Guys Season 4 new features?

Season 4 is set to be the game’s biggest yet. It’s adding seven new stages, which all use the 4041 art style. Trailers show off a lot of new hazards, like spinning lasers and some sort of force field beans can float through. And of course, Flippity Bippities.

Stages aren’t the only thing coming, though. The biggest new addition is the new Squad Show mode, which finally lets players compete in teams. The new season also brings crown shards and challenges. All in all, it’s the game’s most significant update yet compared to previous seasons, which have

What are the Fall Guys Season 4 skins?

A new alien skin in Fall Guys Season 4.


Mediatonic revealed four new season skins through its various social channels. So far, players can expect a shark, a disco ball, an alien, and a Men in Black-style agent. A promo image for the new season also shows more alien skins, an ‘80s fitness instructor, and more. We're looking at a season filled with both extraterrestrials and ‘80s vibes all in one.

How does the Epic deal affect Fall Guys Season 4?

After Epic Games purchased Mediatonic in early March, that left some questions about the game's continued support. Luckily, it seems like there isn’t much to worry about. The studio maintains that all versions of the game will continue to get support like normal.

"Your gameplay isn’t changing and neither is our mission to bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible," says Mediatonic in a press release. "Each season, we’ll continue to expand the game with new content, features, rounds, and costumes."

The only lingering question is whether or not the game will remain on Steam. Mediatonic assures players that it's not going anywhere, though Epic has been known to snatch exclusives away from the platform, For now, players can expect to access Season 4 on Steam like normal. Mediatonic mentions that it's interested in implementing crossplay soon, so perhaps Steam and Epic Games Store users will be able to live in harmony soon.

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