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Want to play the Imposter in Among Us? This tool tells you the odds

How often do players actually get to be the killer?

Among Us is as much a game of chance as it is a feat of deception. Each round begins with players being assigned one of two roles: either a "Crewmate" who has to stay alive long enough to complete a list of objectives or one of the "Imposter(s)" tasked with killing the crew.

There's no way to tell which of the two roles you'll be at the start of a game, and while you might think the odds would be easy to calculate when matches have anywhere between one to three Imposters out of 10 players total, that's not the case. Based on how much players want to be the Imposter every time, knowing the odds can help.

Thanks to the Imposter Odds Calculator, you can calculate the chance you have to be the Imposter in any given Among Us session.

This tool was created by mathematics Ph.D. student Maciej Kowalski and cognitive science master's student Maria Kluziak who both work for the Polish startup Omni Calculator. The site hosts over 1,000 different widgets that answer questions that range from "How long should I defrost my turkey for?" to solving quantum mechanics equations.

Kowalski tells Inverse he got the idea to add the Among Us-themed calculator after a lucky streak while binging the game.

Want to be the Imposter every round? Your odds are slim!


"When I was playing in an Among Us tournament with a group of friends, I was the Imposter so many times we started joking about it," he said. "That inspired me to wonder how probable it is to get a certain role multiple times depending on the game setup."

Luckily, that question can be solved with some simple statistics using a concept known as binomial probability.

This notion is used to summarize the likelihood that one of two events would happen under certain parameters.

For example, what are the odds someone can flip a coin 10 times and get heads every time?

The random role assignment of 'Among Us' makes it a game of chance that Kowalski and Kluziak have made easily predicatable.

Among Us' role assignment is fits the script exactly, but there are a few more moving parts that Kowalski and Kluziak took care of.

All you have to do is fill out a prompt and the odds of getting your preferred role will appear instantly with a bar graph to boot.

Inverse wanted to know the chances of getting Imposter five or more times in 20 games in a lobby with 10 players and two murderers. In that scenario, you have a 37 percent chance to be the killer at least five times. Not bad!

The results of 'Inverse's test of the Imposter Odds Calculator.

Omni Calculator

Among Us fans can use this tool to get an idea of how ready they should be to play as a ruthless Imposter or put on their detective hat as a Crewmate instead of going in blindly. Many players love the thrill of playing the Imposter and plotting against their friends and Kowalski is one of them.

"I would say I’d rather play as an Impostor most of the time," he said. "There’s nothing like wreaking havoc and sowing the fear in the hearts of your fellow players."

Now you can have an idea of how likely it is that you'll play as the murderer in your next Among Us session and if the odds aren't in your favor, you can ask your buds to play a few more rounds to pad your chances.

Among Us is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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