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How to play Hide and Seek in Among Us — and 4 tips for winning

Ready or not!

Gamers around the world have been obsessing over Among Us since August. The murder-mystery game lets users play as one of two roles: a "Crewmate" who needs to stay alive and complete a list of tasks to escape a spaceship, while the "Imposters" need to kill the crew without being discovered.

This simple formula has attracted millions of players that either binge the game with friends or watch their favorite streamers play the title Among Us on Twitch. But the title's repetitive nature has grown a bit stale for some of its diehard fans, leading them to create a custom game mode that anyone can play without the mods: Hide and Seek.

Ready or not, here comes the Imposter!


This riff on the original social deduction game involves a lot less talking (or chatting).

The basic rules for the alternate game mode were established before Among Us' meteoric rise to indie stardom. There are many variations of Hide and Seek, but Inverse prefers the settings and rules laid out by the Hide and Seek - Among Us Twitter account in early October.

Hide and Seek can only really be played by a group of friends since everyone needs to strictly follow the rules. Otherwise, the game falls apart. Because there's no real way to enforce these rules through an actual custom game mode.

So after scheduling an Among Us session with some buds, here's how to begin playing Hide and Seek. We'll also throw in some sneaky tricks to make sure you're not the first one to be found.

You'll need to tweak a few settings before you can start playing Hide and Seek in 'Among Us.'


The settings

Start by creating a lobby and changing the settings to any variation of the suggestions below:

  • # Imposters: 1
  • Emergency meeting: 1
  • Player Speed: 1.5x - 3x
  • Crewmate Visions: 2x - 5x
  • Imposter Vision: 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Tasks: 6 - 9 in total

To make things a bit harder for the Crewmates, you can decrease their vision to 0.25x like the Imposter if you want to level the playing field. This can also be done by increasing the number of tasks that need to be completed for the game to end.

'Among Us' is best played with a group of friends to make sure everyone follows the rules.


The rules

Once everything is in place and the game begins, players need to follow five basic guidelines to play Hide and Seek:

  1. Start the game with an Emergency Meeting so the Imposter can reveal themselves.
  2. Once everyone knows who the killer is, everyone votes to skip so the game can get underway.
  3. Crewmates get a 15-second head start (can be longer if you choose) to run away and hide while the Imposter waits in the meeting room.
  4. After the headstart, the Imposter begins hunting down the crew.
  5. Crewmates have to finish their tasks while avoiding the Imposter and they can't report kills.

In the end, the Crewmates will either complete all of their tasks to win the game or the Imposter will kill everyone.

Make sure to steadily complete your tasks but hid every now and then to avoid the Imposter.


Best hiding places for Among Us hide and seek

Each of the three maps in Among Us have a handful of hidey-holes you can squeeze into to camouflage yourself if you want to lay low in between completing tasks. Since the Imposter's vision is so limited, hiding in plain sight is your best bet at remaining unseen.

Typically, you want to avoid trapping yourself in a room that isn't easily escapable. But some hiding spots are so good that it's sometimes worth the risk if you're fast enough to run out the door, even if the Imposter walks into the room.

The best hiding spots in The Skeld map in 'Among Us.'


The Skeld best hiding spots

  • Behind the floating box in Storage (only works some of the time).
  • Behind the chair in Communications.
  • Behind the top part of the Reactor (works best with White color astronaut).

The best hiding spots in Mira HQ in 'Among Us.'


Mira HQ best hiding spots

  • Behind the satellite dish in the Balcony.
  • Behind the bookshelf in storage (be ready to bolt out the door).

The best hiding spots in the Polus map in 'Among Us.'


Polus best hiding spots

  • Behind rock below the Laboratory.
  • Behind the long satellite dish that sticks out of Communications.
  • Behind the cannons outside of Weapons.

The sneakiest trick to win in Among Us hide and seek

A simple trick that is used in standard Among Us games is invaluable in Hide and Seek.

Changing your name to be completely blank makes your armless astronaut much stealthier. Names can appear in players' field of view before the character model. You can't simply spam the spacebar to get a blank name, so it takes a bit of trickery to make it happen.

To join a game with an invisible name, you have to copy a special character known as a Hangul Filler, which might look like just a blank space but is actually an acceptable name for Among Us' code. You'll need to paste the Hangul Filler into the game's text box and then hit Done or Enter. Different websites respond in various ways to the code. Here's what it looks like on our end:

Instead of rejecting the name like it does when you hit the spacebar, by pasting the above code into your game, Among Us should allow you to enter a lobby with what appears to be no name at all. You can enter a Freeplay instance to test if it worked then start up a game of Hide and Seek and go ghost mode without dying.

Among Us is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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