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How to update Among Us to avoid Eris Loris spam attacks

Eject the cheaters.

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There are hackers among us.

Indie game sensation Among Us has been plagued with a recent influx of pro-Trump spam attacks that promote an online persona named "Eris Loris." The spam attack began sometime on October 22 when in-game chat logs were spammed by promotional messages for the Eris Loris YouTube and Discord channels, along with a request for players to "vote TRUMP 2020."

As such, the hacks seem like a direct response to a stream from early in the week by U.S congresswomen Alexandria "AOC" Ocasio-Cortez during which she encouraged viewers to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

This most recent exploit joins the growing list of hacks that have wreaked havoc in millions of lobbies over the past few months due to Among Us' sudden surge in popularity. For anyone looking to update their instance of the game, here's what to do.

Developer InnerSloth shipped two updates Sunday to halt any spammers or cheaters. Programmer Forest Willard tweeted that the first patch kept users from being able to impersonate other players in a lobby's in-game chat, while the second fix should make it more difficult to spam the game's chatroom.

An in-game announcement of Sunday's anti-hacking patches.


Opening an updated version Among Us will bring up brief dev announcement warning players that these new changes might accidentally boot them from a lobby. InnerSloth stated that any player who isn't hacking should simply be able to rejoin a new game without any issues.

Anyone who wants to play on the most up-to-date version of Among Us will need to update the title on their preferred platform. Here's how to make sure you have InnerSloth's most recent anti-hacking measures in place next time you join a public lobby.

How to update Among Us on Steam

PC users should have the simplest time updating Among Us.

First, you'll want to ensure that you're running the game's public beta if you haven't already. Start by navigating to the Library tab in Steam, find Among Us in your list of games, and right-click the game's icon to bring up a short menu.

The "Properties" menu is your one-stop shop for updating 'Among Us.'


Hit the "Properties" option to access another menu, then open the "Betas" tab, which should bring up a page with a drop-down list. Open the list and select the "public-beta" option and close the menu. Among Us should automatically update after that.

If you want to keep Among Us up-to-date automatically, reopen the game's Properties and open the "Updates" tab to ensure you have the "Automatic updates" setting set to "Always keep this game up to date."

If you prefer to manually update your games, you can easily do for Among Us right from the same menu.

If you've switched off Steam's auto-update option, open the "Local Files" tab under the Properties menu to manually update.


Open the "Local Files" tab to the right of Updates and select the last option in the menu, which reads "Verify Integrity of Game Files." This will make Steam check for a new version of the game and install it if it's available.

How to update Among Us on iOS and Android

Mobile gamers don't have access to the Among Us beta just yet, so InnerSloth will need to roll out a formal update to its smartphone app before these users have access to the game's latest features. But iOS and Android players can still verify that they have the latest version of the game by simply uninstalling the current version they have and reinstalling it from the App Store.

Tap and hold down on the 'Among Us' mobile app on both iOS and Android to bring up the options to delete it. Then reinstall it from each device's app store to get the latest version.


For iOS, tap and press down on the Among Us app to open a menu where the top option read "Remove App." Delete the app then search for it on the App Store to get the latest version.

Alternatively, if the application isn't installing any available updates automatically, you can check by searching for it on the App Store first. It should say "OPEN." Otherwise, it'll say "UPDATE" if an update is available.

For Android, tap and press down on the app until a small menu appears the select "App info." Then select the "Uninstall" option then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

Among Us' anti-cheating update is now live.

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