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Among Us beta eliminates the 2 biggest problems with the Imposter role

These changes are only on PC for now.

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Among Us developer InnerSloth might have scrapped plans for the release of Among Us 2, but the three-person team has committed itself to improving the current build of the widely popular social deduction game. Earlier in October, the devs gave PC gamers an early look at a handful of changes that might make it substantially easier get away with murder as the Imposter.

InnerSloth released a beta version of three new features to PC users on October 10 that included one previously announced change and two surprise tweaks to the indie sensation that address some of the biggest gripes players have with the game.

Among Us puts six to ten players aboard a spaceship where the "Crewmates" are tasked with figuring out who among them are the "Imposters." If they don't do this fast enough, then the Imposters might murder them all. Unless a game is played with three Imposters, it is typically skewed in favor of the Crewmates who can also complete a set of pre-determined tasks to fix the ship and win the game.

But two new features being tested in the beta could seriously buff imposters' odds of winning.

Two newly introduce features do away with two of the most annoying crewmate strategies.

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  • Anonymous Voting: When toggled on at the beginning of a match, players can't see who voted for who during crew meetings
  • Task Bar Visibility: Before the beta, the Task Bar was always visible, and every time a Crewmate would complete a task it was updated live. That can now be changed to only have the bar appear during a meeting or not at all, so nobody knows how many tasks are left to complete.
  • Colorblind Support: The task where Crewmates have to connect colored wires together now includes symbols to make Among Us more accessible for colorblind players. InnerSloth had previously cited this addition as a first-priority change when it canceled Among Us 2.

Note: Inverse reached out to InnerSloth about when these changes could be rolled out to mobile but did not hear back in time for publishing.

Adding symbols to the wires has improved the game as a whole, but the previous two patch notes are clearly in favor of the Imposter. Both additions are completely optional, so players can continue playing Among Us like they have been for months, but using these beta features could eliminate two strategies that Crewmates consistently use to win: task bar tracking and voting someone off based on their aggressive voting record.

A screenshot of the beta menu options on the PC version of 'Among Us.'


Goodbye task bar tracking

One of the defining traits of the Imposter is that they can't complete any tasks, which means they need to fake their duties to blend in with the rest of the crew. Before the beta, a group of Crewmates could follow others around to see if they were faking their chores based on whether or not the bar would go up when they walked away from a task.

Only having the task bar visible during meetings or eliminating it completely keeps Crewmates from using this strategy in the game altogether.

Aggressive voting is no longer dangerous

Players now have the ability to choose whether or not they want their votes to be shown at the end of a meeting.


As an Imposter, you're always looking for the easiest way to net a kill and sometimes that means casting a vote for an innocent Crewmate that another player is suspicious of. Before the beta, every vote would appear on the screen so voting to eject someone with little to no evidence could put you in the hot seat.

Turning on anonymous voting will let imposters piggyback off of baseless accusations without being in danger of raising suspicions about themselves. That will make it easier for imposters to score kills in meetings, which takes the pressure off of them to orchestrate the perfect crime every round.

Again, both of these changes are completely optional but if you find your group of friends consistently winning games because of the two aforementioned crewmates strategies it could be time to try out InnerSloth's new beta changes to level the playing field.

Among Us is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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