How to play the absolutely outrageous 100-player Among Us mod

A new mod enable 100-player matches in Among Us, and they are pure chaos.


Innersloth's Among Us thrives with an easy-to-understand formula of completing tasks as astronaut Crewmembers while weeding out the alien Imposters aboard your ship. An ambitious new mod mixes up the experience by increasing the player count to 100.

Whether or not the prospect of playing Among Us with 99 other people entices or horrifies you, here's how you can try it out.

100-player Among Us was popularized after various influencers like Socksfor1 and Mr. Beast Gaming played 100-player matches with their friends. This isn't a mode that can be accessed in the game. Instead, it's played via a modded server created by the aforementioned Socksfor1.

In these matches, there can be up to 10 Imposters, and they'll have to mostly kill out in the open and around other players. But the giant crowds make it hard to discern the identity of the Imposters until very late in the match. From the videos released by Socksfor1 and other influencers like Mr. Beast, this mode is just pure chaos as dozens of people are voting on who they think is the Imposter based on minimal info.

While it isn't an easy mod to get a hold of, it does put a refreshing twist on what is otherwise a relatively simple game, filling the voice as Innersloth work on actual updates.

How to get this mod for yourself?

As a multiplayer game, mods are typically welcomed in Among Us. As such, this isn't available in a private match in-game or straight from Steam Workshop. Instead, you'll have to go to the special server set up by the influencer that played the mod. Specifically, YouTuber Sockfor1's SockDrawer Discord does let players access this mod. But you won't gain access to the mod as soon as you join.

You'll have to reach Level 5 within the server itself in order to gain access to 100-player Among Us by doing tutorials and events within the server. As the server's rules also point out, this mod doesn't let players host their own games, so you'll be relying on whenever Sockfor1 or another influencer is using the mod.

Is a 100-players Among Us mode available publicly?

As this 100-players mode was not officially sanctioned by the developers, it's not going to be added to the game anytime soon.

Matches this big also make the game more chaotic than fun and would put a lot of stress on the game's servers, so it's doubtful that Innersloth would even pursue 100-player matches officially even though this mod shows that it's possible.

Hacking is also frowned upon in multiplayer games like Among Us, so any attempts to hack this into the main game would result in a ban. Still, the popularity of these videos does indicate that there is interest in Among Us player counts being increased in the future. As for the mod itself, the Discord Server's rules do tease that a public release could happen in the future, but for now, it's just for more dedicated members of the Socksfor1's community.

Among Us is available now for PC, iOS, and Android.

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