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Among Us blank name trick will help Imposters get away with murder

How to make your name invisible in Among Us.

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The indie game sensation of the summer, Among Us, pits friends against friends as groups of up to 10 players try to figure out who among them is a murderer.

One crafty trick that involves hiding the player's name has been helping Imposter net sneaky kills, so how can you pull it off? We've got you covered.

Released by three-person studio InnerSloth back in 2018, the social deduction game has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few months thanks to a sudden influx of popular Twitch streamers that began playing. The title assigns players the role of either a "Crewmate" who needs to complete tasks while avoiding being killed or the "Imposter" whose goal it is to kill everyone.

You can't go nameless in 'Among Us' by just hitting the space bar.


Avoiding suspicion is key for both types of players and there are countless strategies gamers use to seem innocent at all times. But one of the most slept-on strategies to slip under the radar is to simply change your name to be completely blank.

While it might seem insignificant compared other gameplay strategies, having no name in-game actually gives a slight edge to Imposters. Since names are treated like part of each character model, long names can appear in players' field of view before the armless astronaut appears. Removing this possibility makes it easier for anyone to sneak around, so any Imposter with a blank name literally has a better chance to get away with murder.

Here's how to get a blank name in Among Us if you'd like to try it, but you better do it soon. The more players that do it, the more likely every player with a blank name will get accused in emergency meetings!

A video guide on how to get a blank name in 'Among Us' on iOS.


How to edit your name in Among Us

Before creating or joining a lobby, Among Us will give you the option to edit your screen name at the top of the screen. Clicking or tapping the textbox at the top of "Local" or "Online" lobby menus will let you edit your name to anything you wish. But simply spamming the spacebar won't get you the blank name that you're in search for.

How to get a blank name in Among Us

To join a game with a blank name, you have to copy a special character known as a Hangul Filler, which might look like just a blank space but is actually an acceptable name for Among Us' code. You'll need to paste the Hangul Filler into the game's text box and then hit Done or Enter. Different websites respond in various ways to the code. Here's what it looks like on our end:

Instead of rejecting the name like it does when you hit the spacebar, by pasting the above code into your game, Among Us should allow you to enter a lobby with what appears to be no name at all. You can enter a Freeplay instance to test if it worked then join an online game to start your rampage as a nameless killer.

Among Us is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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