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How to play the new Among Us Airship map early in 5 simple steps

Nintendo Switch players can already access the new map.

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Among Us surprise-released on Nintendo Switch this week, finally giving fans a welcome console option for the beloved game. At the moment, Switch might be the best place to play Among Us for one small reason: the game’s latest map accidentally leaked on the system.

Switch owners are already able to play the game’s new airship map, which was revealed at this year’s Game Awards. The map was set to release in early 2021, so it’s a bit of accidental early access for those who grabbed a Switch copy. If you want to try it out before developer InnerSloth likely removes it from the game, here are the five simple steps you’ll need to do.

How to play Among Us’ Airship map early

The Airship is a bright red color.


1. First and foremost, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch copy of the game. For some reason, the trick only works in that version, so you won’t be able to access the map on PC or mobile.

2. Start by creating a local game from the main menu.

3. Once you enter the lobby, walk over to the laptop and interact with it. If you scroll over to the Game button, you’ll now see Airship in the list of levels available. Select that as your map.

4. Now you’ll need to leave the lobby and head back to the main menu. This time, select Online to create an online game. Don’t change any settings from the local game you just set up. Leave it exactly as it was.

5. With the lobby set up, now you’ll just need to get four players together so you can start a match. Once you do, you’ll be able to play on the Airship map well before its scheduled release.

What’s the Airship map like?

Since players have gotten into the map early, we now have a full picture of what the new map looks like and what tasks players need to complete on it. The ship is rather large and contains some unique rooms. There’s an armory, showers, and a large, round vault containing a pink gem.

The meeting room is located at the very top of the ship and there’s a cockpit at the front where players can look out the ship’s front window. The map contains a few new ways of navigating, such as floating platforms that carry players from one area to another.

In addition to familiar tasks like wire fixing and garbage dumping, the Airship asks players to complete a host of new duties. One video shows a player sorting out record books. The list of tasks in the video also notes that players will have to decontaminate the ship’s main hall.

Among Us is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The game was just released on Xbox Game Pass' PC version as well, though that version doesn’t appear to have the same bug. The indie hit recently won two awards at this year’s Game Awards, beating out games like Genshin Impact for the title of Best Mobile Game and besting Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in the Best Multiplayer Game category.

Among Us is now available on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch.

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