Among Us Nintendo Switch release, crossplay, price, and voice chat detailed

This Among Us Switch port is not sus.

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This is not a Drill: Among Us is available on Nintendo Switch! During the Indie World Showcase on December 15, the final announcement was for an Among Us Switch port. The port's price is very cheap, and it even comes with crossplay and voice chat, which isn't always standard for Switch games.

If you're excited to get your hands on the Switch port, this is everything we learned about it following the Indie World showcase.

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When is the Among Us Nintendo Switch release date?

As we mentioned, Among Us for Nintendo Switch is available now. The game was released on December 15, 2020, shortly after the port's reveal during that day's Indie World showcase by about 12:17 p.m. Eastern. While Among Us is an extremely popular game, it is still technically an indie title from a very small team.

What is the Among Us Nintendo Switch price?

If you want to get Among Us on Nintendo Switch, you can easily find it in the Nintendo eShop as the top-selling game. It costs $5.00, just like the game on PC. It features all of the same maps and costumes as the other versions of the game and should get the same major updates next year. The only free version of Among Us is available on iOS and Android.

How to use Among Us Nintendo Switch crossplay

As a popular game that already supported the feature on PC and mobile, crossplay was a necessity for a console version of Among Us. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us does feature crossplay, according to a press release from Nintendo, so you'll easily have the ability to play with those that already have the game on other platforms.

Using crossplay is incredibly fluid and simple. If you want to play with friends that are on a different platform, simply set up a private match. From there, you'll get a room code to share. Whether you're on PC, mobile, or Nintendo Switch, you can all input that room code and play together?

Does Among Us for Nintendo Switch have voice chat?

The Nintendo Switch version of Among Us does not feature voice chat, as no versions of the game do. To communicate, players will have to use the in-game voice chat or speak with other players over a service like Discord, Zoom, or Google Meet. Typing's actually a bit tougher on Nintendo Switch as the system doesn't have the fluid keyboards of a computer or phone.

While you will have to use third-party services, many of them are free. They are certainly worth it as they elevate the Among Us experience.

Does Among Us on Nintendo Switch feature local multiplayer?

The store page for Among Us does confirm that the Nintendo Switch version does support multiplayer for 4 to 10 players both online and locally over wifi. So while you can technically play Among Us locally, you'll need 4 to 10 people with their own Nintendo Switch systems and the game installed. Otherwise, you can just play with people online in a public or private game like you would on PC or mobile.

Will Among Us come to PS5 and Xbox Series X?

The Nintendo Switch release of Among Us officially makes console ports fair game, and it lays the groundwork for Among Us to come to more consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in the future. That said, developer Innersloth has not confirmed any other console ports at this time.

Previously, when asked about a possible console version of Among Us, the developers pointed out the major issues in making that a reality. "[A console port] is something we’re starting to talk about," programmer Forest Willard told streamer 5uppp back in September. "But we'd have to write a system for quick comms ... for randoms, like Rocket League. I don’t know if we’d be able to implement console voice chat or not … One of the first things we’d want to add is a friend’s list type of account system … because it’s so hard to do anything without it."

Clearly, Innersloth was able to sort out that issue rather quickly, as an accounts system was teased back in November. And now, the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us has been released. It's impressive that Innersloth has managed to get a Switch port out just months after Among Us became a runaway success. So hopefully we don't have to wait too much longer for it to come to other systems.

Among Us is available now for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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