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Moon Knight ending explained: What’s next for Scarlet Scarab and more?

For the shortest episode yet, the Moon Knight finale leaves a lot to unpack.

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And just like that, as mysteriously as he had arrived, he was gone. Moon Knight ended not quite with a bang, but not with a whimper either. The Marvel show’s shortest episode yet delivered a climactic finale that answered a few questions and raised just as many. It also delivered a small amount of closure for the show’s main character Marc Spector/Steven Grant even while Moon Knight’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains as mysterious as the inner workings of Marc’s mind.

So what does Moon Knight’s ending mean for the character’s future in the MCU? Let’s dive in and do our best to explain. Spoilers ahead!

Moon Knight ending explained: What happened to Marc Spector/Steven Grant?

Marc and Steve in Moon Knight.


In Episode 5, Marc made it to the ancient Egyptian version of heaven, while Steve got stuck in purgatory. Episode 6 begins with Marc leaving that heaven to rescue his other half before heading back to Earth to save the day.

Marc/Steve rejoin with Khonshu (but only after striking a new bargain to make their avatar status temporary this time) and bring the fight to Arthur Harrow and Ammit — now a giant alligator god the size of the pyramids.

After winning the fight with a bit of help (more on that later) and confining Ammit to Arthur's body, Marc refuses to murder his enemy. Instead, he spares a defeated Harrow and heads home to his London apartment. It seems Marc’s intention is to simply live a simple life with Steven, but Kohnshu may have other plans...

Moon Knight ending explained: What happened to Layla/Scarlet Scarab?

Layla (May Calamawy) in Moon Knight.


As predicted, in Moon Knight Episode 6, Layla El-Faouly takes on the superhero mantle of Scarlet Scarab when she becomes the avatar for the hippo goddess Tawaret. Armed with swords, golden wings, and magical armor, Layla joins the fight against Arthur. However, the battle ultimately ends when Marc blacks out and a mysterious third alter ego beats Harrow instead.

What’s next for the Scarlet Scarab? Layla makes it clear that she only wants to be a “temporary” avatar, but she certainly seems to enjoy the powers. When a young girl on the street asks if Layla is an “Egyptian superhero,” she responds with an emphatic yes. It seems likely we could see the Scarlet Scarab again, whether that’s in an unconfirmed Moon Knight sequel or some other Marvel crossover.

Moon Knight ending explained: What happened to Arthur Harrow/Ammit?

Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight.


After murderings dozens (if not hundreds) of innocent people in Cairo, Harrow is defeated by Moon Knight and his body is used as a vessel to trap Ammit. He survives, and the post-credits scene reveals a mentally broken Arthur Harrow trapped in some sort of mental hospital — it’s not really explained exactly how or why, but it doesn’t matter for long.

We’ll get into the Moon Knight post-credits more fully in another article, but we can’t ignore it completely. As the final scene finally confirms, Marc and Steve aren’t the only personalities at play. A third alter ego named Jake Lockley — portrayed by Oscar Isaac as a Spanish-speaking limo driver — is still working for Khonshu and has no problem murdering Harrow in cold blood.

What’s next for Jake Lockley is unclear, but clearly, the story of Moon Knight isn’t over yet.

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