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Will there be a Moon Knight Season 2? This Marvel leak may have the answer

The duality of man, the duality of seasons.

The Marvel Television Universe may be hugely important to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the shows themselves exist on little self-contained islands. After the launch of multiple series, only Loki’s multiversal romp is confirmed for Season 2. Single-season miniseries may be the rule, not the exception. However, this precedent may be upended thanks to a tweet advertising Moon Knight’s upcoming finale. Here’s what could be in the show’s future.

Twitter user @Kellie_Dixon was quick enough to grab a screenshot of two different tweets from the official Marvel Studios Twitter account: One teasing the series finale, and a second teasing the season finale.

Either of those descriptors would be a huge reveal, as Marvel has taken special care to not determine whether their shows are standalones until they end. WandaVision’s finale made it clear we wouldn’t be returning to Westview (at least not until Agatha Harkness’ spinoff series), while Loki literally ended with a huge Season 2 rubberstamp.

But what does the deletion of “series” and substitution of “season” mean for Moon Knight? It could mean there’ll be a definitive end to the series but the first tweet was a premature revelation, so the term “season finale” was used instead to establish plausible deniability in the buildup to the last episode.

The more exciting interpretation, though, is just the opposite: Maybe there’s more Moon Knight to come in the future, so the inaccurate first tweet was deleted.

Is one episode enough to finish up Steven and Marc’s story?

Marvel Studios

This clearly wasn’t something Marvel intended us to see and discuss, especially in the days leading up to the Moon Knight finale. But the series has painted an epic, multi-layered saga that’s so complicated it’s difficult to see how everything could be wrapped up in a single episode. Normally, the assumption would be that Marc Spector/Steven Grant would appear in a future movie, like how Wanda’s story from WandaVision will be continued in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But Moon Knight is so self-contained that it feels like his story could only continue in the same TV format. Can we expect another post-credits renewal like Loki, or will Moon Knight’s fate be left to the fan reception? Regardless, there’s no final nail in the coffin just yet.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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