Marvel insider reveals a disappointing Avengers 5 update

The next Avengers movie release date could be even further away than we think.

Marvel has over 20 new movies and shows in the works, from next month’s Loki to the still-in-early-development Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali. But there’s one other project we technically know is coming, even though Marvel hasn’t officially announced it: Avengers 5.

It’s only a matter of time before the mightiest heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe assemble once again, but we still have no idea when it will happen. However, a recent update from one MCU leaker could reveal a bit more about the Avengers 5 release date. Here’s what you need to know.

An Avengers 5 release date update?

The latest news on the next Avengers movie comes from movie blogger and YouTuber John Campea (via The Direct), who shared an update about the fate of both Avengers 5 and Eternals 2 during a May 4 video from his YouTube channel. During the video, Campea answered a write-in question about missing titles from Marvel’s recent “The Movies” commercial (specifically, Deadpool 3 and Blade).

Campea reached out to someone "more inside the situation" for answers. Here’s what they said:

"It's basically the same reason Avengers 5 and Eternals 2 weren't announced. They were only announcing those films up to 2023 that have verified release dates. There are over 20+ projects on the board."

In other words, if a movie wasn’t included in that Marvel commercial, it’s not coming out until at least 2024, or maybe later. That’s not a huge surprise for Avengers 5 considering how long it takes to make a standard Marvel movie (let alone a huge ensemble crossover), but it’s still a bit of a blow for anyone hoping the studio might surprise us with another huge team up a little sooner than expected.

What’s the plot of Avengers 5?

The Young Avengers.


Short answer: We have no idea. Longer answer: We have a few very strong theories.

The most obvious choice is that Avengers 5 will actually be a Young Avengers movie. Marvel is rapidly establishing some of the core members of the adolescent superhero team, including Wiccan and Speed (WandaVision), Patriot (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), and Cassie Lang (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania). That’s clearly building to something... but is it the next “Avengers” movie?

Another option is some sort of supervillain team-up. That could be the Dark Avengers, a popular storyline from the comics where Norman Osborn (rumored to join the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home) takes over the Avengers as the Iron Patriot and replaces all the heroes with shady doppelgangers — did someone say John Walker? Alternatively, we could get Thunderbolts movie, which is basically Marvel’s suicide squad with Baron Zemo leading a team of “reformed” supervillains.

To throw one more weird rumor into the mix, a recent report claims Shuma-Gorath could be joining the MCU. You might remember this ancient godlike being from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, but in the comics, he’s a Doctor Strange nemesis who once ruled over Earth and ate humans. If Shuma-Gorath returns, that could be a big enough threat to re-assemble the Avengers. Thankfully for the citizens of the MCU, it may not happen for several more years.

Avengers 5 is expected to release in 2024... or later.

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