In Alien vs. Rick Sanchez, We Learn a New Way to Kill a Xenomorph

Drugs and alcohol. 

Youtube, Adult Swim

Adult Swim released a weird but kind of incredible Rick and Morty clip Saturday night that propels the eponymous characters into the Alien universe.

After answering a distress call, Rick and Morty find themselves on a very H.R. Giger-esque ship looking for survivors. All of a sudden a small xenomorph latches onto Rick’s face, and in a totally fourth wall-breaking moment, Morty screams, “Oh my God, it’s one of those facehuggers from the Alien movie!”

The gross bug creature turns out to be no match for Rick, whose biology of substance abuse is so extreme it kills the alien on contact. The lesson here is that excessive drugs and alcohol are good defense mechanisms in space exploration. “Somebody get a memo to all the characters in those Alien movies, stat,” Rick says.

It’s a funny crossover obviously intended to promote Alien: Covenant, which has been getting mixed reviews, but fans of Rick and Morty are pretty into it.

“I have been on the fence about Covenant since I first heard about it, but god damn, the marketing team had to hit me where it counts and get a Rick and Morty spot. Well played,” Robbie Christie commented on Adult Swim’s Facebook, where the clip also premiered.

Marketing aside, there’s also an earlier reference in the series about finding facehuggers for space cash. “In season 2 episode 3 Rick gets a distress beacon and says the first rule of space travel is always check distress beacons for the free stuff and face huggers are worth loads,” commented Edward Blaza.

Facebook commenters were also quick to note how much the cartoon Alien ship resembled a true Giger creation, complete with a lot of phallic columns and the outline of a woman receiving a sexual act in the background. You can check it out for yourself.

The third season of Rick and Morty comes out this summer.

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