6 'Rick and Morty' Developments We Hope to See in Season 3

When do we meet Rick's wife, aka Grandma Sanchez, aka Beth's mother, aka Morty and Summer's grandma?

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Adult Swim streamed the Season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty on April 1, and the next episode, “Rickmancing the Stone,” will air this summer. Fans are somewhat satiated with the knowledge that Season 3 exists, but they’re still ravenous for more. When the show returns after three months, its fans at Inverse are hoping to see a number of plotlines lurch forward.

When commenting on their writing strategies, co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have said they avoided too many callbacks during Season 2, focusing instead on expanding their narrative. “Interdimensional Cable 2,” which brought back a Season 1 gag, was a carefully-chosen anomaly. Now that Season 2 has wrapped, Rick and Morty has room to circle back on some loose ends from its premiere season, which is something that we’re anxious to see. Here are six subplots we hope to see develop as Season 3 continues:

Summer in a Season 3 storyboard from artist Erica Hayes

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Summer’s Love for Rick Subsides

Summer is the only remaining member of the Smith family who still calls Rick “Grandpa,” though she becomes pretty disillusioned in the Season 3 premiere. She fights to save her Grandpa Rick with a whining, fearful Morty at her side only to discover that he still thinks his grandkids are pretty expendable. Though she falls for the “shoot me during stand-off” note Rick leaves on his gun (which Morty pretends to have read), we learn in the episode’s final moments that Rick is truly just an agent of chaos.

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Why is Summer such a fun part of the show? In the Rick and Morty comics from Oni Press, an alternate universe Summer protects our C-137 Morty. She’s hardened by her environment and feels aggression toward members of the Smith family, including Ricks, because she’s been burned too many times. The show still portrays Summer as the most naive of the Smiths, even more so than her father, Jerry, so watching her start to figure shit out in Season 3 will be a good time.

'Rick and Bonnie' fan art


We Actually Meet Morty and Summer’s Grandma

For a moment in Season 3’s premiere, it looked like Rick was revealing to the Gromflomites — and the show’s audience — how he lost his wife. Of course, that “memory” turned out to be a ruse, so Beth’s mother is still a mystery. Since we hear about Rick walking out on his family often, it’s to be assumed Beth was raised by her mother until Rick appeared back in her life.

Even if Grandma Sanchez (assuming she kept Rick’s surname) is dead, viewers are still hungry for any details about her. Is she anything like Unity, the only character who we know to have been involved with Rick romantically? Was she intelligent like her husband or more simple like her daughter? Did she die before meeting Morty and Summer?

Rick vs. Phoenixperson

The series’s tragic core is that it follows Rick, an old war hero, as he lives with his family and occasionally spends time with his soldier buddies Birdperson and Squanchy. When Birdperson explains that “wubba lubba dub dub” actually means “I am in great pain” to Morty, we realize that Birdperson is perhaps the character who knows and cares about Rick most intimately.

Now that Birdperson has been changed into a shell of himself by Tammy and the Gromflomites, it’s only a matter of time before Rick has to face the twisted image of his dead friend. That battle is not going to be pretty.

Is Krombopolis Michael a Gromflomite?

As far as we know, fan favorite Krombopolis Michael was killed when Morty crashed Rick’s ship into a Gromflomite lab to rescue “Fart.” What we don’t know is why Krombopolis, who appears to be a Gromflomite himself, needs to sneak into a Gromflomite facility. Furthermore, why are Gromflomites all working in military service for the Galactic Federation? Is Krombopolis some kind of political dissenter, driven to working as an assassin because he can’t live among his people?

Once we learn more about Krombopolis, we’ll probably learn more about the Gromflomites, who are going to remain an important presence in the story.

The Return of Evil Morty

The last we saw of Evil Morty, in “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind,” he removed an eyepatch covering his hidden tech and disappeared into a crowd of Mortys. Fans have speculated that Evil Morty is actually C-137 Rick’s original Morty, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

More Blips and Chitz games

This one’s purely for fun because we’ve only gotten to explore Roy: A Life Well Lived, a single game at the intergalactic arcade that Rick loves so much. In an interview, Dan Harmon said of the arcade, “Now, we can fade in on Blips and Chitz because we’ve already proven that the show isn’t going to start eating itself, and that will feel even more limitless if we go back to a couple things that we really enjoyed doing.” If the most popular game at the arcade is a human life simulator, what else are Harmon and Roiland going to come up with?

Episode 2 of Rick and Morty Season 3 hits Adult Swim this summer.

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