Two Tornado Scientists Spill The Unsettling Truth About Storm Chasing

ByPaul Markowski, Yvette Richardson and The Conversation

Still Never Got Covid-19? The Reason Is Not What You Think

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4000 Years After Woolly Mammoths Went Extinct, We Might Finally Know Why

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It's Not Just You — Tornadoes Are Becoming Stronger, And More Frequent

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Scientists Have Found a New Climate Tipping Point — And It’s Not What You Think

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To Prevent Traffic, Scientists Need To Better Understand These Basic Human Emotions

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A Geneticist Reveals What It Really Means to Have Viking DNA

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Dream Teams

Why an unexpected team is giving a famous work of art a necessary makeover

ByEmma Betuel

The future of sports is algorithms, not athletes

BySarah Wells
Spreading ahead

9 numbers that forecast the future of Coronavirus

BySofia Quaglia

Predicted 'information catastrophe' may be caused by fifth state of matter

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What's the next wave of Covid-19 look like? There is some good news

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chill out

Wearable device slurps sweat to detect crucial health information

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Conspiracy theories

Scientists debunk a common theory about coronavirus

ByPolly Hayes

Solar storms are increasingly dangerous to civilization: Learn why

ByRami Qahwaji

Covid-19’s deadliness in men is exposing a mistake of history

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Happy Holidays

Covid-19 and the holiday season: Tests, travel, and vaccine questions answered

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How deadly is Covid-19? A biostatistician explores the question

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say cheese

Space scientists use 3.2 billion-pixel camera to take largest photo ever

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Mind and Body

The perfect diet? How one tiny change could dramatically boost longevity

ByLaura Brown
brave little solar cells

The future of deep space travel could come down to tiny solar panels

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Seatbelts on

Why a classic physics phenomenon could prevent future car crashes

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Ancient humans’ demise could foreshadow our own species’ extinction

BySarah Wells
Mind and Body

Covid-19 "lab leak": Why it's worth looking into

ByVirginie Courtier and Etienne Decroly
Mind and Body

Science debunks a viral belief about masturbation and testosterone

ByDaniel Kelly and The Conversation

Is watching porn during Covid-19 bad for your health? We asked 5 experts

ByLiam Petterson

Are the Earth’s magnetic poles about to swap places? Strange anomaly gives reassuring clue

ByYael Annemiek Engbers and Andrew Biggin
Fuck yeah, science

Scientists want to know why swear words share this one universal trait

ByElana Spivack
What They Knew

This oil giant accurately predicted global warming — and still lied about it

ByTara Yarlagadda

Minneapolis police say data can prevent brutality. There's reason to be skeptical.

ByDavid Grossman

Ancient humans: 6 new discoveries unveil thousands of years of evolution

ByPenny Spikins and The Conversation

Does your homemade mask work? Here's how to tell.

BySimon Kolstoe

Why Covid vaccines might not be enough

BySalim Abdool Karim, Liam Smith, John Thwaites, John N. Lavis, Jeffrey V Lazarus, Chris Bullen, Susan Michie and Yanis Ben Amor

Nuclear fusion might finally be within our grasp

ByPaul Norman and Lee Packer
watching you

Our secret weapon against the next pandemic could be hiding in plain sight

BySarah Wells

Covid-19 statistics: 5 common errors armchair experts make

ByJacques Raubenheimer

Do dogs really see in just black and white?

ByNancy Dreschel

The U.S. Senate is trying to steal your privacy while no one is looking.

ByDavid Grossman
Mind and Body

Omicron XE: How worried should we be about this strange variant?

ByGrace C Roberts and The Conversation

How sewage can detect the next pandemic

BySmruthi Karthikeyan and Rob Knight

Oxford immunologist on coronavirus vaccine: our early results look highly promising

ByRebecca Ashfield
How Tech Saved...

How technology saved the home stereo

BySarah Wells
strong genes

Ancient DNA reveals how we evolved to fight disease

BySophie Putka
shine a light

Engineers are on the brink of breaking a massive encryption barrier

BySarah Wells
hidden treasure

A famous Tudor-era ship is being eaten alive — but scientists have a solution

BySarah Wells

Why one vaccine to beat Covid, Sars, Mers, and the common cold may be possible

BySheena Cruickshank

7 Years Ago the World Agreed to Slow Down Climate Change — But a New Report Shows an Uneven Future

ByTara Yarlagadda
Red Alert

Scientists reveal where and who in America will be most at risk of floods by 2050

ByTara Yarlagadda

Coronavirus: research reveals a way to predict infection

ByTim Spector and Andrew Chan
Ballot box

New study debunks idea that voting by mail will cause electoral chaos

ByDavid Grossman