This Three-Wheeled EV Is a Bizarre Mix of Motorcycle and Car

Yamaha's trike can whip around on some tight turns.

Yamaha Tricera all-electric three-wheeler concept

Yamaha’s latest EV concept is half car, half motorcycle, and fully electric.

It’s hard to distinguish what Yamaha’s Tricera concept is, but the company calls it a “three-wheel open-top electric autocycle.” Getting past that jargon, it’s a three-wheeler similar to the Polaris Slingshot but an all-electric take with a more futuristic look.

Yamaha hasn’t confirmed if the Tricera concept will be put into production.


The Tricera concept takes after traditional cars since you get to sit down in it, but it still has that open-air feel of riding a motorcycle. We can’t be mad at Yamaha for getting experimental with its EV concepts, but we’re still waiting for some more production-ready electric motorcycles first. For now, we get to enjoy Yamaha’s ridiculous teaser video for the Tricera that creates more questions than answers.

Cornering Made Easy

Yamaha made the big reveal of the Tricera during the latest Japan Mobility Show in October 2023, but the company still hasn’t revealed any specs like top speed, 0 to 60 mph, or range. Still, the sporty look of the Tricera could be a hint that Yamaha plans to make this a performance-oriented ride.

We do know that the Tricera will have a three-wheel steering system, meaning the rear wheel will match how the front two wheels turn. This allows for quicker responsiveness with overall steering, but more maneuverability when it comes to taking tight turns. Yamaha even says the Tricera will have a manual mode for rear-wheel steering that should add another level of complexity to this funky EV.

The Tricera isn’t really meant to be a daily driver, but it looks like a ton of fun on winding roads.


Making Its U.S. Debut

You can catch the Tricera concept in person at the AIMExpo in Vegas that starts on February 6. It’s likely the same model that Yamaha had on display during JMS 2023, which means there likely won’t be any demos or test drives. Since it’s still a concept, Yamaha hasn’t detailed any plans to put the Tricera into production yet. Not to mention Yamaha is working on a bunch of weird EV concepts, including its Motoroid2 electric motorcycle that can balance on its own and recognize its owner.

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