Volkswagen’s Affordable EV Has Physical Buttons and Tons of Storage Room

No more going into the touchscreen just to turn up the heat.

Interior view of the upcoming ID. 2all concept
Andreas Mindt / Instagram

Who said small cars can’t have a ton of storage space?

Volkswagen showed off the interior of its upcoming ID. 2all concept EV, revealing an infotainment system that has real buttons and a spacious trunk at the back. The EV may still be a concept, but the latest Instagram posts from Volkswagen’s head of design Andreas Mindt may be close to what a production version of the ID. 2all will look like.

It’ll be a lot easier and safer to change the cabin temp inside the ID. 2all with physical buttons.

Andreas Mindt / Instagram

Volkswagen previously debuted its affordable EV concept in March, capturing everyone’s attention with a targeted starting price tag of €25,000, or around $27,500. We may have some existing choices like the Chevrolet Bolt that’s set for a comeback in 2025 or the upcoming entry-level Tesla, but we’re desperate for more affordable options in the U.S.

Real Buttons and Serious Storage Space

Thanks to Mindt’s Instagram pics, we can see that the ID. 2all will feature a healthy amount of trunk space that sits above a hidden compartment for even more storage. Volkswagen previously said that its conceptual EV will have a storage volume of 490 liters, which can be expanded to 1,330 liters, or around a max of 47 cubic feet.

It’s still a lot less than the Bolt’s 57 cubic feet of storage, but the ID. 2all should have the Tesla Model 3 and its max of 22.9 cubic feet of storage beat.

Mindt’s teaser images also confirm that the upcoming affordable EV would offer real, physical buttons instead of the touch-sensitive controls of its previous EVs. Volkswagen previously indicated that it wanted to change up its interior design away from relying too heavily on a touchscreen.

From the interior images, the ID. 2all will have physical buttons for its heating and air conditioning just below its infotainment system. That means you don’t have to tap around a massive touchscreen just to change the cabin temp. Volkswagen may even return to four individual window buttons instead of the current design that features two window switches and a confusing rear toggle.

No more finicky rear window toggle with the ID. 2all.

Andreas Mindt / Instagram

Landing in Europe First

Volkswagen hasn’t indicated if it’s straying away from targeting that previously-mentioned starting price of €25,000 for the production version. Even though the ID. 2all will be hitting the European market first in 2025, there’s still no word on any arrival to the U.S.

Still, these recent images from Mindt do indicate that Volkswagen is making serious progress towards a production version of the ID. 2all. Now, we can only hope that it will be successful enough for Volkswagen to bring it to the U.S.

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