The 5 Biggest Upgrades to Tesla’s New Model 3 EV

Goodbye physical stalks, hello revamped interiors.

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Tesla Model 3 revamp

The highly-anticipated Model 3 refresh finally made its debut. Tesla introduced its Model 3 facelift — previously only known as Project Highland — to the European and Chinese markets. And “refresh” may be putting it lightly; the new Model 3 feels like a serious redesign given the major changes to interiors and exteriors.

Though Tesla’s European website says deliveries for the refreshed Model 3 are expected to start in October for European customers, it didn’t reveal when the new Model 3 would come to the U.S., though it surely will.

In the meantime, it’s time to get reacquainted with the Model 3; here are the five most interesting upgrades to the world’s most popular electric car.

The refreshed Model 3 is expected to get more range thanks to a more aerodynamic design.



The European version of the Model 3 will get roughly 11 percent more range compared to the existing model. The single-motor Standard Range model is now up to 344 miles of range, while the dual-motor Long Range model now gets up to 421 miles, all based on the WLTP standard.

We’re not sure if Tesla is using the same battery for the refreshed Model 3, but it’s likely the range improvements also came from the new 18-inch wheels and the sleeker front end that has redesigned headlights and more aggressive curves. We’ll have to wait to see the EPA range estimates, which are usually stricter in terms of testing, but it’s likely we’ll still see some range improvements when it comes to the U.S. models.


No one is going to complain about more range, but it seems the removal of the physical stalks in Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 is attracting some controversy. Tesla decided to remove all the stalks from the steering wheel, so you’ll have to activate turn signals with buttons on your steering wheels and change gears from the infotainment center.

Love it or hate it, this feels like classic Tesla. Plus, we’ve already seen gear switching in the infotainment center through the Model S and the Model X. According to a Teslarati report, there will be an emergency panel to shift gears located between the sun visors. Needless to say, noting being able to shift gears could be problematic.

Tesla decided to remove all the stalks with the refreshed Model 3.



On a less controversial note, Tesla is keeping the two wireless charging pads in the center console, but adding a 65W USB-C charger so you can charge more power-hungry devices like your laptop. There will also be an ambient lighting strip that wraps around the interior from the dashboard to the rear seats, and perforated seats that are both heated and ventilated.

The audio system has been upgraded from the previous 14-speaker stereo to a 17-speaker stereo. Tesla also improved the sound dampening in the cabin with new materials and acoustic glass.


The main touchscreen of the Model 3 is bound to get a lot more use thanks to the removal of the physical stalks, but Tesla is also throwing in a rear eight-inch display for the backseat passengers. The touchscreen can be used to adjust climate controls and double as a screen to watch movies during long rides.

The rear screen was something that Tesla only included with the Model X, so we could see more rear screen infotainment screens in other refreshes, like with a potential revamp to the Model Y.

The refreshed Model 3 gets an extra screen in the back for rear-seat passengers.



You should get a much more comfortable ride with the refreshed Model 3 since Tesla upgraded the suspension. The tires also have more cushioning and the rear seats were made to be more comfortable.

As seen in Electrek’s video, Tesla redesigned the trunk to lift up with the entire rear light assembly that feels more like a hatchback. The redesigned trunk has more storage space, now up to 21 cubic feet, compared to the existing Model 3’s less than 20 cubic feet of storage.

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