Cybertruck Leak Points to “Beast Mode," Light Bar, and Fancy Camper Accessory

Some welcome leaks right before the Cybertruck’s delivery event tomorrow.

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Even on the cusp of the Cybertruck’s official release, we’re still relying on leaks to get a fuller picture.

Recently, a resourceful team of Tesla followers found a bunch of optional add-ons by digging through the Tesla app. Going through the code, Tesla App Updates identified a possible performance trim called “Beast Mode,” an optional light bar, and a camper accessory.

A rendering pulled from the Tesla App of the Beast Mode Cybertruck.

Tesla App Updates


Dubbed “Beast Mode” within the Tesla’s app, we’re guessing this has to be the Cybertruck’s performance-focused version that Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, previously hinted at on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

According to the leak, this trim should offer a more powerful battery, better motors, and an improved suspension system. That should all contribute to a faster acceleration for the Cybertruck, which we already know goes from 0 to 60 mph in just under three seconds. You can even slot some premium wheels onto the Beast Mode version of the Cybertruck, or go with an 18-inch all-rounder option or flashier 19-inch wheels.

The Cybertruck’s Standard wheels are just that.

Tesla App Updates

Upgrade to the premium 19-inch wheels for a more rugged design.

Tesla App Updates
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If you don’t really care about performance and are gearing up to make your Cybertruck an all-terrain adventure-mobile, the Base Camp add-on was made for you. It’s a simple design that looks like it slots right onto the truck bed and gives you a cozy nook with a mattress inside. It may not be as enticing as some of the other crazy campervan add-ons we’ve seen from third parties, but the Base Camp should make car camping a breeze. You can even add on a solar cover accessory to help you with some off-grid camping or extend your Cybertruck’s range.

We can’t forget about the lightbar, which has really cemented itself as a staple design feature for EVs. On top of its lightbar near the headlights, Tesla is going to sit an optional lightbar on top of the windshield. This should help in low-visibility scenarios, but it has the added benefit of making your Cybertruck stand out a little more. The leak also uncovered NFC capabilities that should let you unlock your Cybertruck with a keycard.

The rendering for the Base Camp add-on looks somewhat boring, but we’re expecting it to look a lot more polished in person.

Tesla App Updates


The leak didn’t specify the pricing of any of the optional upgrades, but considering the Cybertruck’s first deliveries are happening tomorrow, we should get all the details on the pickup truck and its add-ons.

If you are hyped about these add-ons, it might be a while until you get to use them in person with your Cybertruck. Tesla is only planning on delivering the first 10 models tomorrow and it’ll be a while until the company ramps up Cybertruck production to full-scale levels.

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