iPhone 15 and New Apple Watches Will Be Announced on September 12

Apple’s annual iPhone and Apple Watch launch happens in two weeks.

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CUPERTINO, CA - SEPTEMBER 7: Apple unveiled four new iPhones, three new Apple Watches and an updated...
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The iPhone 15 / 15 Pro and Apple Watch 9 / Watch Ultra 2 speculation comes to an end on September 12.

Apple just sent Inverse the following media invitation for an event on September 12 taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater starting at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. Apple tea leaf readers will try to find a hidden meaning in the image. “Wonderlust.” reads the invite with hints of blue and gray in the Apple logo.

Is this Apple invitation hinting at gray and blue colors for the iPhone 15 Pro?

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What did “Far out.” on last year’s invite even mean? Most people — including us — guessed wrong so I wouldn’t lose sleep trying to decode the teaser. Just be patient, September 12 is only two weeks away.

Expected Announcements

iPhone 15 / 15 Plus

Like every September for the last decade, we’re expecting Apple to announce new iPhones. There should be four new iPhones — the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Rumors suggest Apple could go with “iPhone 15 Ultra” instead of the wordier “iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

The iPhone 15s are expected to ditch the iPhone 15’s notch for the Dynamic Island cutout that debuted last year on the iPhone 14 Pros. They should have the same aluminum frame and faster A16 chip from the 14 Pros. They’ll likely have an upgraded dual-lens rear camera consisting of main and ultra-wide lenses; the main camera might get upgraded to a 48-megapixel sensor.

The iPhone 15s will have USB-C instead of Lightning ports, though they may have slower data transfer speeds compared to the USB-C ports rumored for the iPhone 15 Pros.

Here are some of the colors that leakers claim the iPhone 15 will come in — with matching braided USB-C-to-USB-C cables.

iPhone 15 Pro / 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pros look to be the more exciting new iPhones. In addition to USB-C (possibly with Thunderbolt speeds), Apple’s more premium iPhones are long-rumored to switch from stainless steel for the mid-frame to a lighter titanium. It’s believed the iPhone 15 Pros will come in a new blue and gray color.

Other rumor upgrades: a more powerful “A17” chip and more RAM, a customizable “Action” button that replaces the mute switch, and a periscope zoom lens for shooting better photos from farther away (only available on the 15 Pro Max).

Apple Watch Series 9 / Watch Ultra 2

As for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch 2 Ultra, expect more modest upgrades. Rumors suggest the Apple Watch Series 9 should see a new “S9” chip (the first advance in years for the Apple Watch), software features from watchOS 10, and a new pink option.

For the Apple Watch Ultra 2, it might come in a new black titanium finish and the same S9 chip upgrade.

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