Raymond Wong

Raymond Wong is the Deputy Editor of Reviews & Guides at Inverse, leading consumer tech coverage. Whether it's reviewing the latest devices, investigating the use of AI in smartphone cameras to fake moon photos, or diving deep into design and engineering, he strives to uncover the larger story through honest, truthful reporting and new storytelling formats. His reviews and analysis have influenced and shaped product design at many tech companies including OnePlus.

Previously, he was a founding editor at Input and led its tech reviews, guides, and gaming verticals as Deputy Editor of Reviews & Guides. Before that, Ray was Senior Tech Correspondent at Mashable, where he led consumer tech coverage and commanded an audience that included everyone from Tim Cook to Elon Musk.

Raymond's other loves include: gaming (Game Boy forever!), photography and video production, making a mess in the kitchen, eating ice cream all year round (even when it's freezing out), and obsessing over details in Wong Kar Wai films.


This Cheap Dongle Let Me Play Zelda With Xbox and PlayStation Controllers

Best $20 I recently spent.

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Sony Teases PlayStation-Branded Wireless Earbuds for Launch Later This Year

Coming later this year just in time for the holidays.


Dyson’s Newest Vacuum Has an Even More Satisfying Dust-Revealing Laser

Dyson’s also trying again with a new robot vacuum.


Apple’s WWDC Media Invite All But Confirms Its Mixed Reality Headset

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Why I Had No Choice But To Repair My Own Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The fix cost me $6.


Amazon’s Fire Max 11 Comes With a Keyboard and Stylus for Less Than an iPad

This could be the best tablet value of all time.


Nothing Confirms Phone 2 Uses Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Chip

Using a last-gen chip could mean the Phone 2 costs less.


Exclusive: How Nothing Plans To Make the Phone 2 a Big Success

By poaching tons of talent from OnePlus and catering to tech enthusiasts.


Can Google’s $500 Pixel 7a Take Better Photos Than Its $900 Pixel 7 Pro?

The results are pretty surprising.


Google’s First Foldable Phone Is Impressive and Very Expensive

But if you pre-order the Pixel Fold you get a free Pixel Watch!


My Favorite BlackBerry of All Time Is One That Everyone Hated

And, nope, it wasn’t a phone.


'What The Car?' Leads the Charge to Rejuvenate Apple Arcade

Apple just added 20 new games to its game subscription service.


Nothing Confirms Phone 2 Is Coming This Summer

Here’s your first teaser of the transparent phone.


OnePlus Pad Review: A Decent First Tablet That’s Not an iPad

The hardware is great, but the software needs more work.


OnePlus Confirms OnePlusPad Will Cost $479 and Be Released on May 8

There’s finally a decent iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet competitor.


Exclusive: Watch Humane’s Wearable AI Projector in Action

Your first glimpse of Humane’s screen-less iPhone killer and how it works.

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Are the Cameras in iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Phones Falling Behind?

And does it even matter?


Report: Here Are the Apps Apple Is Prepping for Its AR/VR Headset

You ready to read books in Apple’s mixed reality headset?

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The 2024 Lexus LM Has a Gigantic 48-Inch Display for Watching Movies

The hybrid electric minivan is basically a first-class plane cabin and a private movie theater on wheels.


7 Actually Useful Accessories Every M1 iMac Owner Needs

Fed up with the internet’s recommendations, I wrote my own.