What’s Going On With The Cybertruck’s Off-Road Fails?

We now have a couple of videos that show the Cybertruck struggling on dirt and snow.

Tesla Cybertruck on the snow

Real-world testing is starting to put the Cybertruck to the test, and not all of the results have reflected positively on Tesla.

The latest controversy comes from a video posted on X that brings into question the Cybertruck’s off-roading abilities. Even though we’ve seen evidence of Cybertruck’s “Off-Road” mode, the video showed a non-production model struggling on a snowy hill and having to be towed out by a Ford truck. This comes about a month after another video on X showed different early model facing the same issues on a steeper dirt hill.

It’s worth noting that both of these videos show a Cybertruck with the RC decal on it, meaning they are “release candidates.” Either way, neither video inspires a lot of confidence for the Cybertruck handling less-than-ideal off-roading conditions.


We do have some additional context that was posted to a Facebook group, highlighting several issues that led to the Cybertruck release candidate being stuck in the snow. Combining the fact that this model wasn’t using the right snow tires, didn’t air down its tires for more surface area, and was experiencing a software issue with the rear brakes, we understand why it couldn’t make it out of the snowy hill.

Even worse, since this was a release candidate model, there were no hard points to allow it to get towed, so the Ford hauled the Cybertruck out by hooking up to its suspension. We can’t confirm if this would happen to a production-ready Cybertruck but some leaks before the Cybertruck delivery event showed that it would come with different wheel options, including an 18-inch all-season version, larger 19-inch tires, and a 20-inch performance version.


With the video evidence we have so far, it does seem like the Cybertruck could have issues in basic off-roading scenarios. Keep in mind that these aren’t production-ready models so we’re going to reserve judgment until we see some more proof. Unfortunately, we could be waiting a while since Tesla won’t be immediately ramping up production of the Cybertruck.

Of course, it would help if Tesla was more open about its latest EV. We’re still discovering small features here and there about the Cybertruck, including a “Wade Mode” that lets you drive through water. Tesla already confirmed that the Cybertruck is bulletproof, so it would help to see some off-roading now.

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